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American Roulette Wheel Odds Favor the House

American Roulette is an American variation of Roulette, a popular and thrilling game of odds, and is famous throughout the United States for the high level of fun and excitement it offers. Among the three variations of Roulette, the French, the European, and the American, the American Game of Roulette has the highest house edge of about 5.26%!

This game is purely a game of odds and the aim of the game is to determine on which slot of the roulette wheel, the ball would stop. Depending on the type of bets placed, the players who made correct predictions win the bets placed.


History of the Roulette Wheel

The history of the game dates back to the 18th century France. A French mathematician, Blaise Pascal is credited with the introduction of roulette. It is said that Pascal was studying probability and was trying to develop a perpetual motion machine and ended up designing a roulette wheel. In fact, the word Roulette is a French word that means “wheel”.

The game slowly became popular in France, and from there on its popularity spread to Europe, leading to the development of a European version of Roulette.. Gradually the French immigrants spread the game to America with its own variation. The US American Roulette version became immensely popular in the local casinos and its popularity is still growing today.


American Roulette- Game Objective

The objective of the game is to predict in which slot the roulette ball would stop. The players who make the correct prediction win the bet and receive payouts depending on the rules of the casino. However, the players who fail to predict correctly, lose the bet.


The American Roulette Table Layout

The American Roulette table is divided into 38 equal slots- 36 slots containing numbers from 1 to 36, marked in red and black alternatively and two slots with 0 and 00, both of them marked in green. This is also called a double zero layout, popular in American Roulette, compared to the single zero layout popular in European Roulette.

Each roulette table has an area where bets are placed by the players. Some parts of the roulette table also mentions the minimum and maximum amount of bets, a player is required to make. Each casino may have various house minimum bets to be be placed either inside the table, outside or both.


How to Play Online Casino Roulette the American Way

  • American Roulette is played using different playing chips than regular casino chips. Each player will have chips of different colors in order to distinguish their bets.
  • Players interested in betting at the roulette table should first exchange their regular casino chips or cash with the color roulette chips.
  • The players should next place their respective bets, after considering the minimum bet required at a table and the type of bet a player is wagering on, in the betting area of the roulette table.
  • After the bets have been placed at their Lucky place, the dealer would spin the roulette wheel and make the call.
  • The players cannot change, place, or modify their bets once the dealer has called “No More Bets.”
  • After the dealer has made his call, he spins the wheel and the ball and waits for the drop of the  roulette ball on the roulette wheel. Sometimes the ball is spun and the dealer calls no more bets while ball is still spinning
  • All the players and the dealer then wait for the roulette wheel to stop and the roulette ball to land on a number.
  • The dealer places a special marker called the dolly on the winning number and collects bets of all the players who lost.
  • Depending on the type of bets, the winners then receive their payouts from the dealer according to the payout odds of the position they bet on..


American Roulette Payouts and Types of Bets 

There are two types of bets in American Roulette- the Inside Bet and the Outside Bet. The inside bets have a very low chance of occurring but they offer high payouts. On the other hand, the outside bets have a high probability of occurring but they offer lower payouts.


Inside Bets and Roulette Odds of Winning

NameBetPayoutBetting Area
Straight/SingleOn a single number35 to 1Within the square of chosen number
SplitOn two adjacent numbers (like 20-23)17 to 1On the edge shared by numbers
StreetOn three numbers in a line11 to 1Outer edge of numbers at either end of line
Corner/SquareOn four numbers with a joint corner8 to 1On the common corner
Six Line/Double StreetSix numbers on two adjacent line5 to 1Outer corner shared by two leftmost or rightmost numbers
TrioA three number bet with at least one 05 to 1On the corner shared by three chosen numbers
Basket/ Top Line5 number bet on the first five number5 to 1Outer corner shared by 0-1 or 00-3


Outside Bet USA Roulette Payouts 

Low/ HighOn Low 18 or high 18 numbers1 to 1
Even/ OddOn Even or Odd number1 to 1
Red/ BlackOn red or black numbers1 to 1
DozenOn any of three numbers2 to 1
ColumnOn any of three columns2 to 1
SnakeOn any of 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34.2 to 1


American US Online Roulette Tips and Strategy 

American Roulette is purely a game of chance and probability and as is the case with most of the casino games of chance, there is no definite winning strategy for the Casino Game American Roulette. However, many players have argued that if they pay attention to the pattern of the roulette wheel, they might be able to predict the next possible bets.

For example, if the ball stopped on a black colored number 11 out of 18 times, and it has stopped on a red number in the 12th time, it is safe to assume that the next number might a black one. Just a quick example. Some also play 0 00 when it has not come up after 30 spins plus, figuring the green 0’s are due to hit.

However, this method is widely criticized stating that in a game of probability, such strategies might incur more losses for the players in the long run. The safest strategy for a beginner is to place outside bets, their payouts might be less but the chances of winning an outside bet is much higher.


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