Slot Machine Secrets Exposed #1 (Real Money Slots)

slot machine secrets exposed

Slot Machine Secrets Exposed. Lets take a look at the Advantages and Disadvantages to Free Slots, Strategies, and Tips for Casino Slot Machines, secrets how they work, and why people are playing them at home now.


Slots Machine Secrets Exposed

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Best Slot Machine Sites to Play Online 


Casino Slot Machine Secrets Exposed: Tips 

  • Your odds are better at non progressives
  • Avoid progressives that have been won recently let others run the jack pot back up for you
  • Ask around at what jack pot level the progressives in the casino typically go at if its high ready to go seats are scarce
  • Ask casino staff which machines are looser and pay more
  • Tip the staff if you win on their recommendation and you may receive more tips in return
  • Avoid machines in back alleys out of the way
  • Do play machines near the entrance and main walkways
  • The Casino wants players to see winners so they will be where you can see them including close to the Cashier Cage
  • Play dollar machines with pay out percentages in the high upper 90 per cent or more pay range they are hard to find anymore so be on the look out
  • Ask the local cab drivers where the locals play to find the loosest paying slots and where the dollar 97 -per cent plus pay out machines are located in town.
  • Do not play less than the max coins on a progressive machine otherwise why are you on it? Move to a regular machine and alternate bet amounts.
  • Find out where the hot slots are in the casino


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 Slot Machine Secrets Exposed: Online Slot Tips:

  • Mix up your play in bursts of spins and pauses
  • Do not spend more than 10 per cent of your gaming budget on the lower percentage progressive paying machines
  • Do play more of the machines with lower jackpots that tend to hit more often
  • Read up your free spin and bonus offers to know exactly what you have to do to cash in on these offers
  • Only play the biggest and most reputable sites that will pay you that million if you hit it
  • Make sure you have your paperwork in order for real money play deposits and withdrawals licence or passport, with a recent utility bill proving your address, and eligibility ie, your old enough to play
  • Spend in increments and do not blow your weekly or monthly gambling budget out the window in one sitting


Slots Machine Secrets Exposed



The Allure of Learning Slot Machine Tricks

Slots are fun, easy, exciting and kind of mesmerizing at the same time! Bright Lights, Spinning Reels, Cool sounds and the chance to win huge sums of life altering cash money are all to good to pass up!

Slots at PokerShopBiz and Ollies Gamblin Blog are available on our site sponsors with a choice of free or real money play and by scooping up on outright free play bonuses to play awesome slot games with for a chance to win real money. Play with Free Real Bonus Cash, Free Spins and with free play and Deposit Bonus play options. Country Specific Restrictions May Apply. See sites for terms and conditions on all free spins and bonus offers. Advertiser Disclosure: Please Read our advertiser disclosure and note that terms and conditions apply to all bonuses and promotions.


Is there a trick to Free Slots?

What exactly are Slots and where are the Best Slot Machines, Free Slots and Bonus’s Online?

Slot machine games have been one of the most leading games for excitement and entertainment both online and in bricks and mortar casinos for many years now. Free slot machine games can deliver entertainment for hours on end not only for an expert but for the players new to the game. You do not have to be a pro, or expert gambler of any sorts to play free slots. Pick your bet amount, how many reels, pull the handle or push the Spin button. That’s It! Then Watch those reels turn. Boy is it Fun.

Free slots are not much different from real online slot games or the traditional land based casino games. Playing a free slot machine online offers thrills, fun and entertainment. If you are playing with a free spin bonus it also could be paying you real money! Huge wins are awesome to watch when the reels stop and you hit big and the lights and bells all start going off at once.

Even better than free casino games are the machines online or at your local casino that hit when its real money. That rush cannot be beat! One hundred two hundred three hundred…etc right up to thousands or even millions where they have to cut you a check!


How do Free Slots Machines Work?

Online casinos give you the player a selection and choice of joining any one of up to a few hundred choices in top slot games depending on the size of the casino site.

What you do is Register and sign up as a real player in the casino online that offers free slots and most if not all are no deposit casinos that let you try a selection of slots free, a try before you buy policy. You also most often get sign up bonuses that match your deposit on a percentage scale often up to 100 per cent.

A lot of casinos will give you free spins to try out for real money. Although these typically have terms and conditions limiting you to set amounts you can withdraw, like 50 dollars for example. Still cashing in 50 bucks for free is awesome if you win.


Slot Machine Secrets Exposed #1 (Real Money Slots) 5


Secret Downside to Free Slot Machines

The Biggest downside to free slots is yup hitting the jackpot. If you are playing for free then you do not cash in on the big payoff and people do win large sums of money. For this reason the online casinos typically only let you use the free spin offers on select non progressive machines.

Another reason for this is because the regular money players are competing for the chance to hit these big payoffs and if you were too, would you want someone playing free to hit and reset the pay table to the starting amount? Nope.

The Trick is to join the largest and well known safe online gambling sites like the ones recommended by Ollie at PokerShopBiz that offer huge progressive jackpots with life changing money if you hit.  Search our site for listings of the best online casino downloads at PokerShopBiz here on this page and in the all inclusive listing of the Best Slot Machine Casino Sites Online Here at PokerShopBiz offering the most popular games and tournaments from sites that come recommended, trusted, and well run for safe online slot play.

Some casinos also put restrictions on their free play time. Some its a few days up to a week and even free year round for some individual games. Unfortunately the best of the best you can try for free but this does not last forever.


Secret Benefits of Free Slots Machines Exposed

Online entertainment and fun as well as the chance of winning some free money to cash in on from free play is a definite plus. Free slot play can also be a good way for beginners to try their luck and test the games out free to find out which ones they like the best before waging their real money on the games.

Having nothing to lose makes searching and playing lots of various games with the free online cash much better for when you want to play for big money stakes. Finding out how certain machines work before you invest real funds is a good scouting it out technique. There is only a select group of companies that allow free spins or offer Free play money for a broad spectrum of games. You can find them here at PokerShopbiz Online Poker Casino Betting  Slots Bingo Blog Page or our Best Casino Downloads Listings.

The convenience of playing online is another thing that draws people to play free and real money slot games online. The convenience of gambling from the warmth or cool comfort of your home with no one around to bother you in this busy online world is the way to go.

Having no distractions or noise like in a real casino allows you to fully relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the games. Also when your low on cash and cannot play for real money online or at your local casino free slots tend to look pretty good since online play offers you the chance to play for free around the clock. When was the last time a bricks and mortar casino allowed that?

Yup play slots anytime and anywhere you wish on your desk top, tablet, or mobile phone out on the deck, sitting on the front porch, wherever!

With all this fun just a few inches from your finger tips at any moment and for any length of time long or short playing online is the logical solution for many.



Slots Machine Secrets

Slots Machines Strategy 

Slot machines are gambling boxes with levers, buttons and a display that spins and flashes every time you put in coins or credits from inserting bills into a slot on the machine. Put your coins or credits in, pull the lever or press the buttons.

This form of gambling became a casino favorite soon after it was introduced due its ease of use and lack of strategy or skills required. However, just like every other game on earth there are some ways and strategies to try to increase your chances of winning big money or at least coming home a winner.

If you want to increase your odds play less of the progressive machines and more of the regular games due to the odds being higher of hitting a jackpot in a non progressive machine.

However low paying progressives in high traffic areas yield good results as the jackpots typically go between 1200 and 2000 on the blazing 7 machines for instance that reset to 1000.


Types of Slot Machines to Play

Progressive and the non-progressive are you two basic slot machines in case you haven’t guessed already.

Progressive machines are interconnected with other machines in a casino or often with other casinos locally or state/province and sometimes even country wide. Like mentioned before do play these machines for chances at life altering rewards but only a percentage of your gambling budget as the odds are lower and do make sure to follow the required betting amounts to win which is usually the maximum bet.

Non-progressive machines are considered the best ones to play like previously mentioned. These are stand alone machines and can hit at any time as you do not know how much has been pumped into it recently.



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Slot Machine Secrets to Playing at Home Online:

  • No gas or car needed
  • No wasting time driving, walking, searching for parking
  • No chance of getting hit by a car at home
  • Free Spins and Online Casino Bonuses Available
  • No chance of you getting sick from someone else
  • No one hogging machines like in a casino
  • Your play is discreet and not monitored by cameras
  • Your big wins are also discreet unless you choose to tell
  • No chance of getting mugged or robbed
  • Play if you only have a small amount of time available
  • Free play is available if your out of money
  • Play is available to you if you are unable to walk or travel

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