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    • Ag Worldwide sports betting best site for players around the world
    • BetOnline Sports for players world wide
    • Bet At Home if your From UK Ireland and the EU
    • Bwin Sports Betting
    • Bovada for the United States and Latam Countries
    • Bodog EU for Canada except Quebec Mexico and South American Countries


Professional Betting Types of Betting Online Sports

How to Get Started Sports Betting Online…..

Its easy Click, Sign up and start betting, win, lose and reload until you get it right. Practice makes perfect. Got a tip? Bet it. Got a hunch? Bet it. Start with small bets, and with sports you are knowledgeable about. Math wiz? Use statistics. Sign up to one, or all the sites.

Most usually start win one or two and then set up accounts at all the sites to see where they can set up the best plays and get the best odds. Perhaps you will never reload again and only make withdrawals. All the Best to you, go get em and make piles of cash.


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Remember the old Freddy Flintstones cartoon episode,,,bet bet bet bet bet bet lol, sorry had an old cartoon flashback there,,,from the Flintstones when Freddy got himself excited from his betting lol…. you don’t see that cartoon anymore.

Quickly find Four types of bets you can make with the information you need right here at your source for fun, entertainment and more, online with Ollie the gambling junky, and your host to all things fun and exciting. Just scroll down now. Find your site, pick it, sign up, deposit, check out the online sports betting matchups of teams playing one another pick your favorite to win. Collect and repeat.


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Bodog Canada Premiere Sports Betting Site

Professional Sports Betting Online Join Bodog/Bovada today and enjoy first class  with current match-ups and statistics at your fingertips, on your mobile or at your desk. Who’s playing tonight? Is your team up to the challenge?

No, you say, the hell with them then, bet against them! Toronto never wins anyway! Secretly bet against them while your still routing for them to win. You see that way when your disappointed the same as I am most of the time, at least you can make some coin of the frustration!.lol…..

Just kidding of course, I love Toronto, still think about the Dougy Gilmore and Wendel Clarke years,,,,ahhhhh. Well maybe your team HABS what it takes to win its next big game at home or away against the Leafs perhaps.

BET the next NHL Game Here

How about that Superbowl game by the way in 2016 Superbowl 50? Denver was the underdog and came through and paid out. Hope you took your wife or girlfriend out for dinner after your big score with that one! I called it right on! Lucky, I know, but you gotta pick one to win, and you gotta be in the game to cash! Just don’t bet the farm remember. 5, 50, 500, 5000 is all relevant to your bankroll. Just as much fun betting for 5 as the millionaire who bets 50 000! Check out the information for Football Betting here at PokershopBiz.

What about the superbowl in 2017? You could have or did make a killing if you were live betting and bet when they were down. Comebacks make big coin in live betting. I do it in hockey when a team gets down 2 or 3 goals then comes back and the odds I was given are huge and it pays ….BAM…cash out.


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Sports Betting Online Current Matchups

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Professional Types of Betting: Online and Casino Betting

Money line bets—Sports Professional Betting

Where there is no handicap or spread and the team that is the underdog, or not favored to win pays out at a higher amount then the favorite to win eg, 2.43 to 1.56 for example. With the amount of payout determined by a whole load of factors set into the numbers. Usually the more lopsided a sports match up of teams playing one another results in a greater payout for the underdog.

For example the first place team playing at home meeting up with the bottom place team and lets say the bottom place team has won no games at the home teams arena and they are set to play them as the visitors. Well since they are last place team and have not won against the first place team at their home arena or stadium then the amounts will vary a lot. For example the home team might only pay 1.15 vs the underdog at 3.98


Professional Betting Type: Live Sports Streaming

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Prop bets— What are Prop Bets?

These kinds of bets usually are very specific in nature and involve some kind of more specific outcomes within a game. Perhaps a specific player scoring one or more goals, or perhaps a team winning by 3 or more goals, or perhaps betting on them to tie etc.

Poker players are well known to make frequent wild prop bets on strange things about anything and everything they can think of. Like I bet you 10 000 dollars you wont make the money round in the 8 game tournament playing tomorrow at the WSOP. Or I bet 1000 you cant sit without smoking and drinking any booze for the next 3 hours at this table. lol….. anything can be wagered on.


Spread betting—Professional Sports Bets

How do spread betting professional betting types work?

This is where the bookies assign numbers which favors one team over the other and they assign numbers for each team respective of the spread to bet on. Most times one team has certain advantages over another so these are taken into account to come up with the numbers and give one team points for example.

Perhaps Denver are favored to beat Detroit in football and to make it more of an option for you to bet on Detroit who are underdogs to the favored Denver team the bookmakers put a spread on of 3.5   So Detroit they are plus 3.5 expected to lose and Denver minus 3.5 expected to win. The line is subtracted or added to the teams eventual score.

So if Detroit win outright or lose by one 2 or 3 you still win,  just as if you bet on Denver to win they have to score 4 or more points against Detroit in their final total to win the bet. If however the spread was an even number like  3 for example and not 3.5 you can also get into a resulting push bet situation, whereby your bet is returned if you bet on Denver to win and they only won by the spread amount at 3 points difference. In which case no win no lose. To avoid a push situation the spreads are often placed at decimal point options just to eliminate such push chances from happening.


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Sports Betting Parleys—What is a Parley Bet?

Parleys are good professional betting types, making you a lot of money in professional sports betting if you can hit them. The odds are against you and therefore the payouts are much higher because all of the outcomes you choose must hit to cash in on the ticket.

Any one of them loses and your wager amount is lost. These bets usually involve picking from a few up to a dozen results from one sport or several combined in a ticket with the goal of picking the winners in that respective sport.

What I mean is you could bet all 6 game out comes on hockey alone for instance, or if allowed, you could  bet 2 hockey one football and 3 soccer games for example or any other combo of any other game type. Just pick the winners!

The more you pick the more the odds get multiplied resulting in higher and higher payouts the more games you add on. Realistically you should try to stay within the 3-6 game mark for better chances of cashing in, however if you want the big score, go up to 10 plus. The only thing is very few of these tickets rarely hit.


Leading to… What is Betting on sports parleys?

Where you can still cash if one out of every few outcomes loses, usually 1 loss for 4-6 teams, 2 losses for a 7-9 parley and 3 losses up to a 10-12 game parley. Obviously you win a lot less but at least you still win. Kind of like a keno ticket if you bet 13 numbers for a jackpot but hit from 4-12 you get a progressively lower pay out amount vs, losing outright for not hitting your exact number of numbers picked outright.



Sports Betting, Live Betting, Horse Betting, Soccer Bets, and More. With all your Favorite Sports Included, NFL, MBA NHL MLB MMA Nascar Golf Tennis Cricket and More

Sports Betting Online Future Wagers:


Pick the out come at the start of the season for the eventual winner of the Superbowl, Stanley Cup, or any other final at the outset of the year. These usually pay good odds on certain teams but are also not worth it in my opinion as they heavily favor the house.

Would you have bet the Denver Broncos to win if Manning was injured and out for the season after starting? Probably not, but once the season starts, you cannot do anything about injuries and trades and coaching changes etc.

You are stuck with your bet and the house with your money all season up until your team is out of running. Also all of the money held by the house earns them interest for money has time value and the longer the amount of time its held before outcome the more value it has to the holder.

Now I know I know its only 50 bucks you may have bet, but for the house if they have 100 000 people’s 50 dollars well, now you can see it has value to them. 5 million bucks in the bank, collecting interest up until the remaining few get paid out at the end of the season who luck out and guess right.

For that reason, I would suggest having fun with professional betting types of bets, but give yourself good odds and keep to making bets shortly before the events are to occur. Injuries and goalie changes and winning and losing streaks are easier to take into consideration that way.

Some people make good money sports betting, but most do not and are losers in the long run. If your good at picking winners then rake it in, if not, don’t bet the farm, and bet for fun and do it just once in a while within your limits just for some excitement.

These are some of the main ways to bet sports online, you will also find that totalizators (sometimes called flexible-rate bets) are really fun and potentially profitable too and you can see betting odds changing in real time during the game.

I like this during the hockey games myself as the odds could go up high against a team winning if they get down a couple of goals during a period, but you know they are a high scoring team and often do not get going to the second or 3rd period where they dominate.

So often times I will bet for my team when they are down a goal or 2 if I feel they will come back and win. Therefore I win more if they come back and get better odds and payout that way.

Or perhaps your team gets up a couple of goals and the odds for them to win go way down to like 1.2 for example, but your sure the defense is sound so you now feel comfortable only winning .20 cents on your dollar but feel secure in doing so now that they are up a goal or 2. There are all kinds of strategies you can think of for betting these flex bets.

There are all kinds of ways of playing and sports betting online best sites to choose. For more information on these ways and what is on offer you need to contact one of the big name online sports betting companies and get on board with them and us at the

Your pal Ollie saying place your bets on us here at the Poker Shop for all your information, entertainment and online sports betting and gambling fun. See you in the lounge or at the tables……..

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