Poker Shopping is Fun when you are looking to build the ultimate poker room at home with great ideas on what to buy first here. Be sure to check out Ollie’s humorous advice  and  recommendations for shopping the best poker products for your home poker tournament games room from stores in the USA.

Check out the 2 most important gaming items for how to host a poker tournament that Ollie recommends for you to start shopping for  and why! Get going now, everyone’s waiting for you to build that ultimate new poker room!

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How do you host the best poker tournaments?

Lets check in with Ollie’s advice at the Poker Shop. Add some humor to your day while poker shopping our USA store for your favorite Gambling products. Coming soon.

Start with a beautiful well-built and stable poker table that won’t spill drinks over at the slightest touch or bump of the table for the first thing.

That might mean shelling out a few extra dollars in your poker shopping budget but well worth it. Think of your poker gaming table as an extension of your furniture and room decor.

When not in use you would want it to be pleasing to the eye and not a crappy looking cheap table that your wife is going to get upset about because it looks like junk in your games or rec-room. If you spend a bit more you will most likely get what you pay for, and if you like to party, drink, and have fun, then a flimsy table will get destroyed by you or your buddies pretty quickly.

If you have a really nice table then people will also respect it more and most likely behave better around it. (They better or out the door with em) Check out some of the better ones in the poker table store for the best color and look to match up with your fine rec-room, garage or shed decor.

The next thing you will need to find when you poker shop is a good sturdy poker chip set.

Trust me on this and get one with a strong case, preferably wood, the metal ones seem to damage and start to fall apart quickly, especially if you tote it off to the cottage, trailer, or camping with you.

The metal cases are quite flimsy and you won’t be happy when they start to lose their appeal. A nice sturdy chip set with a wood cover would also go well with and compliment your nice poker table and could be displayed on it for decorative appeal when not in use.

I don’t know about you but I like my stuff to both look good and last a while. Also look at the chip set before you buy. Do you want light weight flimsy chips that would bounce around easy? No, of course not, so look and check into getting the heavier weight poker chips as they are a lot more fun to play with and handle.

Start with the 2 most basic items and buy quality up front when 1st time out shopping for your games room, then move on from there and get all the other goodies that would look good in your rec room, garage or shed as well.

These are really awesome looking and draw your eye right to them. A must have for any games room, or rec room bar, garage hang out, or even your shed, if you happen to have an awesome garage or shed like a lot of guys I know. Don’t laugh its true, I have seen lots of larger size sheds decked out all nice looking, especially if the fella does not have a garage because he needs some sort of man cave to escape to from the wife or girlfriend.

Heck out in the garage or shed is where she may make you play poker with your buddies anyway! In that case, definitely get a cool neon clock so you can see it well, if, or when your eyes start to glaze over from one too many cold ones. Oh, and you may want to buy a middle of the road poker table now instead of the fancy model if she will have none of your poker and friends and drinking happening in the house!

Grab a 10 buck felt cloth and throw it over the plastic table in the shed, grab a 200 dollar table for the garage or go all out and spent 1-2 grand on a full blown NICE table for your rec room. Make sure to eat and drink a lot, and have a good time whatever you do, but don’t cheat!

Get a Timer

After you round up your table and poker chips and neon clock and/or sign, I think a timer is also in order, helps track for blind increases if your running small sit n goes. I like to up the blinds every 15 minutes or so, and having a small table clock helps do this, especially put right beside the dealer. That way you can keep on top of it. Also handy if you have a buddy or 2 that cannot make up their mind in under  a minute like the rest of us can.

Coated Playing Cards A must against Beer Spills

Another thing, make sure and get the coated cards that do not bend or soil easily and have more than one deck available, a few decks on hand is never a bad idea. Get some comfortable chairs too, poker is a relaxing long game and your rear end is going to thank you for it. That way you wont have to grab a cushion to put under your seat and look like a pansy to your friends when your butt starts to hurt.

Poker Shopping Nice to Haves for the Game Room

Finally, go poker shopping online in a nice USA store for a nice card guard, some cool and distracting shades, a hoody, or hat to cover up with if playing serious and fill the cooler with cold brew and lots of ice.

Or shop a wonderful UK or Canadian Online Store as they all have beautiful Poker Products in them to choose from.

Grab some peanuts, chips, licorice and candy and your survival kit for the next 24 hour marathon of poker is complete and set to go.

Your pal Ollie saying go big or go small, just go do something and have fun! Don’t forget to grab your casino bonus downloads and poker bonus downloads from Ollies Gamblin Blog while your here poker shopping and read up on some cool casino blogging posts after your done finding the perfect poker table for your rec-room, garage, or shed!

Invite Bubbles over he’d love it! Ollie Too 🙂


P.S. I have had some of the best times in my life in a shed, garage, and rec-room! You will too. Go now quick and buy the stuff you need before your wife comes back from the store. Just kidding. Maybe.

Thanks for reading  YOUR AWESOME!

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