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Online Bingo Tips Real Money Play. Get the Most for Your Real Money Bingo Play. Join the Best Bingo Halls Online to Play Online Bingo For Money. The better the online bingo hall site is the better the chances for your ability to make money and make sure you get paid quick.

Come see our 6 online bingo tips and about where and why everyone is playing from their computers now online. Find all kinds of Online Bingo Halls for Money and Bingo rules and tips Below.


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Why should you play bingo on your computer you ask? Where are the BEST Bingo Halls Online located? How to Play Bingo and is it easy to play Bingo on a computer? Is online bingo for money fun online? Where are the Best Bingo Halls and deals located Online?

These are some of the questions both young and old timers like me (but wise in our years) want to have answered. Find out all the answers and Tips in the Fun Facts  below.


#6 Ultimate Online Bingo Tips

Tip 1 Play Free Online Bingo for Real Money Sites To Practice

Practice Free by grabbing a 25 free Bingo Bonus or just regular free play to learn the ropes, rules, and best winning games. Get a feel by playing online bingo for money first by using play money or a free bingo bonus site.

Advertiser Disclosure: All bonuses have terms and conditions. Please see site for details.


Tip 2 Get No Deposit Online Bingo Site Free Money $25 

Online Bingo tips would not be complete without including  NO DEPOSIT 25 free Sites. This site has a great free bonus for joining. PLUS Stunning Deposit Bonus’s. 

Where to Play?BonusCompatible Devices 
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Pokershop.biz is here to help find the answers and to locate the best bingo games for us to start Playing Online Bingo Halls Today for free or real money. We also want to have fun while doing so.

If you can’t wait, and your just itching to play bingo now then click here for Online Bingo Halls and How to play bingo and have nothing more to do with me or this blog. Just go play and have fun. Please come back later though, I’ll be waiting for you and there is more great information and selection of games below.

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Tip 3 Why play Online Bingo?

Are Online Bingo Sites for Money fun?

You Bet it is. Play from the Comfort of your own home! You can play it the relaxing way for one reason, with no noise, no commotion, no traffic, no driving, no smelly smoke and no one around to bother you of course, that’s how! (Maybe) Tell the cat to leave you alone for just a minute. What hes not bothering you, well mine are, better pet them for a second. These cats are my Lucky and Charm.


online bingo tips and advice

Ollies Cat Charm
online bingo tips

Ollies Cat Lucky

Okay, again, why play bingo online? because its easy and you can sit around in your pajamas or under wear and relax the whole time of course. ( No we do not want to hear about how you surf the net in the buff) but that would be an advantage to bingo playing at home as well. Signing up for online bingo might be the right choice for you. Its fun, and exciting the same as real bingo, and you can play for real money or for free.

Well where do we go to play Online Bingo?

Well if you haven’t run off already to play at Bingo Street, or perhaps you did and you came back to read the rest of the article now, (thank-you very much). You can now Try out these 2 Best Places to Play Bingo Online in addition to Bingo Street and the 25 Free Site Coming Soon.


Tip 4 Join the best online bingo sites 

Read the Very popular UK  888Ladies Bingo Review Here

Also a Popular Room to Play in is Wink Bingo>  Award Winning Like seen on TV Join  


Ok so you tried downtown bingo now and may be one or more of the others that it was easy to sign up for. How did you like it? It was pretty fun wasn’t it. I know because I played myself.

Online Bingo Tips for real money

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Online Bingo  TIPs # 5  Join Multiple Bingo Sites

Because you want to be able to play the best bonuses and specials and have access to wherever they may be that week or month. Having Multiple Best Bingo Sites Online means gaining access to multiple bonus opportunities and Specials!

Remember You can always try one of several other awesome bingo selections as well as Bingo Street 888 Ladies and Wink if you find yourself needing a change or fresh New Bingo Bonus. Start with The Best of the Best sites above plus the one you grabbed here: your free $25 Online Bingo  and then join these other sites as well.

Many people sign up and collect all the bonuses they can and then hop from room to room wherever they are running super specials and card deals like two for one etc. If you are a member at them all you can play where ever the best specials are that week.


Online Bingo Tips # 6  

There are over  20 Plus Best Bingo Sites to choose from and unless you try them all you wont know which ones you like best!

They all offer different bonus amounts with the exception of Jingle Bingo at the moment, but hey, check that one next holiday season, unless you love x-mas year round.

Try them free at the ones that will let you then deposit at the ones you like the best, feel most lucky at etc..Note that some rooms will only allow you to play with a small deposit usually a min of only £€10

You can Start with the Most Popular Best Bingo Sites here at Free 25 Online Bingo from PokershopBiz Online Bingo Games with this excellent selection of games for you to enjoy.

Try them all to see which ones you like best. Lots of them offer sign up bonus’ and some even have free cash to play bingo with! Make new friends while playing bingo online from your computer.

(Cyber friends are great because they are low maintenance and don’t drink all you beer and liquor on you and eat all your munchies.)

If you love bingo then this could be the next step for your love of bingo playing, give it a try, bingo from your computer, you never know if you will like it or not until you give it a go.


[wps_pullquote style=”classic” align=”left”]Online Bingo Tip: Play Online Bingo Sites with Progressive Jackpots To Win Big and the chance for Life changing Money! But only with a small percent of your Bingo budget because the odds of winning are much lower then the regular games. [/wps_pullquote]


Reasons to Play Online Bingo Sites:

ALSO, if you have never played bingo before, or your curious how it works, and maybe nervous about trying Bingo in a Hall Live in front of other people, or maybe just a home body in general, then this might be a good way to start Online. There is nothing wrong with being a home body or being nervous about trying new things! Get to know the game by practicing it online at home or on your mobile phone.

The online bingo way is the way to go. Its the no fear way to have fun and not worry about whether you know what you are doing or not right away, because there is no one to critique you, complain or whine about you winning, being a newbie, or anything else for that matter.

No need to worry about smoking or drinking and driving laws, you are at home playing, or perhaps on the go on your mobile. Maybe this might be the ticket for you to pass the boredom on long bus or train rides and if you’re a seasoned bingo player then playing the online version of bingo will be a snap for you.


Best Online Bingo Sites: Any tips how to join up?


All you have to do to join is click on the banner or check out one of the links provided. You are whisked off to a cool looking bingo landing page where all you do is

  • fill out a quick form,
  • grab yourself a cool user name,
  • grab your free cash if available,
  • make a deposit and collect your big match bonus where available,
  • and then start to have fun.
  • the key is just to join take the 5 mins to become a member and use the free bonus money to experiment with and play.

Its easy to play games on your computer and you will learn by exploring the online gaming site and by practicing for free. Its easy!


Online Bingo Tips for Beginners 

Start by playing for free or by grabbing the Free $25 No Deposit Bonus and/or Just play a couple of cards here and there to start until you get the hang of it, which you quickly will. Have fun and enjoy yourself, that’s all there is to it, and you didn’t even have to get out of bed!

Grab yourself a coffee and your laptop and away you go. Unless its the evening and time for a brew or glass of wine. But seriously we got your back here and have put together the Best How to Play Bingo Guide around.


[wps_button style=”default” url=”https://www.pokershop.biz/how-to-play-bingo/” target=”self” background=”#2D89EF” color=”#FFFFFF” size=”13″ icon=”heart-o” wide=”yes” position=”left” radius=”auto” text_shadow=”0px 1px 1px #000″ title=”Default Button” id=”default-button” desc=”Ollies Ultimate Online Bingo Guide”]How to Play Bingo[/wps_button]


There is no need for dabbers, no wasted paper, and no searching for numbers and risking the missing of a bingo.

Remember the good old days dabbing your cards getting ink all over yourself, and even the really old-fashioned way of putting small circle chips on the cards and having them shake off out-of-place. (Remember that a long time ago)? YUCK. Thanks so much to the online inventor of electronic bingo games.

All of the bingo halls now are quickly moving to electronics anyway, so why not just play at home then, its care free, with a fridge and cold beer or glass of wine handy at any time. Make a sandwich between games, that’s what I do!


Online Bingo tips for Jackpot Games

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Extra Online Bingo Tips and Information Resources

Learn all about Online Bingo history from Wikipedia and get all the technical information you could ever want on the game such as Bingo history, legality, how to play bingo, bingo networks, an everything else you need to know or want to find out about bingo games online. Go on and bore yourself to death. Or do the fun thing and join in a bingo game online!

Note: When you decide to play online bingo games, then play within your limits, and only after you pay the bills and the rent. Most Important Don’t forget to feed the cat, dog, birds and fish their food. Once full, then have at the Bingo Games! This way they wont bother you. Well maybe the cat will….

I happen to love online gaming so I share with you what I know and am passionate about. BINGO! What your broke? Who cares if your broke so am I, and who isn’t these days. Just play for Free if your broke. lol…..none of you will play beyond your limits I’m sure and since the cat dog and fish are all fed>>> carry on playing bingo…


P.S.- Online Bingo Players

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Bingo Rules and Etiquette Live Bingo Halls (#1 WARNING)

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Love Ollie


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