How To Play Bingo #1 Detailed (Best Internet Bingo Guide)

how to play bingo online

how to play bingo onlineHow to Play Bingo Information and Free Bingo Games Download Sites for Bingo Halls OnlineLearn All About How to Play Bingo Online and How to Play Bingo at Bingo Halls. Read Our Ultimate  Guide for Everything Bingo Including the past history and the future of Bingo Halls and Bingo Online.

Learn about Bingo Callers and their Future. Find Out Why you should be Playing Bingo Online, and All the Benefits to Online Bingo Below. What is it that actually makes a bingo site one of the very best bingo sites online for you to trust with your online bingo budget. You only have so much time to play so you do not want to play at crappy boring sites that’s for sure.  You want the best sites with the best bonuses, and best chances of winning while having fun.


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Bingo Rules and Etiquette Here

Keep scrolling down for all the gossip, and information important to Online Bingo Players, Players New to the Game and Seasoned Pros.


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Top Bingo Sites Online Gossip, What Are You Missing? 

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Most Popular Online Bingo Sites at Pokershopbiz

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What is Internet Or Online Bingo All about

Bingo is a game of chance. To begin the game, a player needs to buy a Bingo card with 5×5 grid lines, making total 25 squares. This purchasing of cards is called a “buy-in”. A buy-in can cost anywhere in $1-$20.  Each of the squares is filled with a random number, except the square in the middle, also called “Free Space”.

No two Bingo cards are the same. In the US, numbers 1-75 are used in ball machines and bingo cards. The 5 columns of a card are labeled as – B, I, N, G, O and each of the columns have a restriction on the numbers that can be filled in them. Some online bingo rooms have cards for under a dollar. You can load up cards for .10 .20 cents each, it all depends on the room your in.

  • Column “B” contains numbers from 1-15
  • Column “I” contains numbers from 16-30
  • Column “N” contains numbers from 31-45
  • Column “G” contains numbers from 46-60
  • Column “O” contains numbers from 61-75


 How the bingo random number generator works

 All about RNG or Ball Machine 75 Bingo Balls or 90 Bingo Balls Online

The Announcer selects a number from the RNG (Random Number Generator) machine or a Ball Machine. In the US version of Bingo, there are 75 balls in the blower machine and each ball is printed with one letter from the word BINGO and one number. The Announcer announces both the letter and the number printed on the ball drawn and the players mark the number in the respective column. In the UK and Australia, there are 90 balls in the ball machine.

The Best Bingo Rooms Online use random number generators to select balls being called totally different from the balls used in regular bingo halls where they have a machine that blows lightweight numbered balls around up and into a tube for the bingo caller to announce live as it happens.

These online sites also offer slot games much like the Bingo halls do now. Bingo halls  have mostly gone modern and utilize electronic bingo and monitors in most halls to stall the loss of players to electronic bingo at home. The thing is at home you have access to the ultimate bingo sites worldwide. Your tied down to your local bingo hall specials.

Bingo halls are still not quite the same as random number generating online, but a combo hybrid of a bingo ball machine that uses a  caller to announce the numbers live and then and then they flick a switch and make use of computer software apps to tap the screen to input numbers drawn from the bingo bin.

These then appear on the monitors in front of you. The more popular versions online have fully automated bingo calling and random number generators, no need to worry about balls possibly weighing more than one another and getting stuck in the corner of the machine.


how to play bingo

Bingo Games Banner Colorful Bingo Balls on Black Background Spelling out of Bingo Games Bingo and Slots Online


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How to Mark Bingo Cards Online vs the Old Fashioned Way

Each player marks the number called out by the announcer on his or her Bingo card using a token or a card marker called a “Dauber”.  A dauber is a large, round and easy to use stamp popularly used in Bingo games. But hey, that’s fast becoming an old dinosaur, most people are playing online bingo sites with electronic cards now and the computer automatically marks the numbers called for you as they are drawn. 


How do you win at Online Bingo Sites vs Bingo Halls

A player wins the game if he or she fulfills the objectives of the game and yells “Bingo” before any other player. If the goal of the game was to straight-line, a player wins if he or she covers a row, whether horizontally, vertically or diagonally and yells “Bingo” before others. However, it should be noted that a player can only “Bingo” before the announcer proceeds to draw the next ball. Once the Announcer proceeds to draw the next ball, the player’s Bingo is not counted.

Yup that’s a big problem playing in your local bingo hall.  Because one should be quick enough to call it. Lots of people miss out on money from bingos because they do not find them quick enough.

When Playing the best online bingo sites your card triggers automatically when you have a bingo, easy peasy… So Play Top Online Bingo Sites Instead and stop missing out on bingo prizes.


How to Play Bingo US Sites vs. UK Bingo Sites

Bingo is played differently in the US compared to that in the UK or Australia or Canada. In the UK or Australia, Bingo cards with 3×9 grids are used with 27 squares, 26 of them filled with numbers and one blank square in the center. Moreover, in the UK Bingo is usually played in large halls or casinos with higher cash prize money. Also, in the UK or Australia, how they play bingo is with 90 balls as compare to 75 in the US and Canada.


How to Win Big: Progressive Play

Massive Prizes and Life Changing Money available at Sites Online

The winning player receives cash from $50 to $1000, in a small play setup. However with the growing popularity of Bingo, special high stakes games are on the rise and the prizes there can go as high as $1 million. Some casinos offer prize in kind, like a car or a trip etc.

The amount of prize is dependent on the size of the hall and the number of people playing. All the Popular Biggest and Best Online Bingo Sites have certain Games all hooked together to form a Progressive Game type. These come with Huge Payouts, Yup just like the Progressive Slot Machine principle. 

Another  reason to play the greatest bingo sites online is to get in on bingo halls that offer these chances at Life Changing Money!


Allure of Progressive Jackpots

Some casinos offer progressive jackpots to motivate the players in case nobody wins. The prize keeps growing from game to game until somebody wins it. A progressive jackpot grows and grows for an extraordinary win to take place by the eventual winning player.

Games with Progressive Jackpots have the goal to “Coverall”, their cards. This usually is a lower number a player needs to cover all the squares in their cards on or under the amount of numbers called designated for the progressive online bingo win. For example you must bingo on or before the 51st number for example. 


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Variations of Online Bingo

With the growing popularity of the game, a number of variations find its way to the main stream Bingo sites with games like Bonanza Bingo, Facebook Bingo, Quick Shot Bingo, Horse Racing Bingo, Table Bingo, Electronic Bingo, Online Bingo etc.


How to Buy Cards Play with Credits Also

The Bingo Player now buys cards through the front desk based on credits at his or her local bingo. Once the Bingo Player gets back to a computer monitor of their choosing they then punch in their number code and pass code an up pops their account with all the books, extra cards and extra virtual dollar credits in their account.

These credits can then  be used to play additional electronic bingo cards or a selection of slot games, not unlike the very ones you also play at your favorite bingo sites online! Wonder why they did that….

At the end of the game session winning players go back to the line to cash out. On line you just transfer the money to your account. No waiting in lines at the hall or the bank.

So as you can see the bingo games played in live halls are not that much different and are halfway to full automation. Once they decide to get rid of the bingo caller they can just use a random number generator as well. They know the online system of automation is the future of the game. You are doing it now at home.


The Future of Live Bingo Calling

Live Bingo Sites use an Announcer or Caller

A person, called an “announcer” or a “caller”, picks a number from the ball machine and announces it to the players. An Announcer is also required to announce the pattern or the goal of the game before the first ball- that is when should a player “Bingo”. The most common Bingo goal is the Straight-Line, where a player wins if he or she covers 5 numbers in a line, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Bingo is played differently in the UK and Australia than the US. Online Casinos In the United States, Bingo is played on a 5×5 card and the goal is to cover a row, either horizontally or vertically or diagonally; but, in the UK and Australia, bingo is played on a 3×3 card and the goal is to cover one, two or all three lines.


BINGO ONLINE Free Bingo Games Download

Bingo Online

Bingo Callers Future Up in the air

They will probably put a computer generated screen or hologram up simulating that of a caller and bingo machine where by it will just be all computer generated down the road I’m sure.

We see this happening at all casino sites slowly over time and more and more often you are now seeing black jack tables, roulette tables and others all linking to screens in the casinos. You could be sitting at your own screen while the dealer is across the room.

Again like the bingo caller he or she simply puts the results into a computer and or while also under video observation. Not only that but there are in fact also computer only run black jack tables and roulette tables in the casinos now with, in fact,  in fact random number generators!

They have good looking guys and gals dealing up cards and spinning the wheel from a screen to you. Kind of the same idea as video poker, and keno on video machines. Now everything is on video machines.

This is why I am sure the live person bingo caller will eventually be replaced as well. Its no wonder then that more and more people are switching to playing their top bingo sites online, slots online, poker etc. You don’t have to leave the house. Play bingo and other casino sites online from your phone, tablet or PC.


Benefits to Learning to Play Bingo Online 

Bingo Game Downloads Online

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Why You Should Learn How to Play Bingo Online

Online Bingo Tips

  • You can play more with the bonuses that you receive at sign up, You do not get bonuses in regular bingo halls
  • You can chat with friends online in the friendly chat rooms not only with friends but the Host of the game!
  • You can choose to play linked big money bingo Progressive online games for a chance to win big Life Changing Cash 
  • You can start or stop at any time without being time restricted
  • You can play all day and night if you choose
  • You can play in the Buff! Or at least you pj’s anyway
  • You can grab low cost food or beverage from your fridge
  • You will not get caught for drinking and driving
  • You wont catch colds, flu’s and other sickness from people coughing on you
  • You can play in 10 20 or 30 min short intervals if your a busy person without large blocks of spare time
  • You do not have to wait in line
  • You do not have to worry about the weather or traffic
  • You can jump from Bingo Online room to Bingo room where the best card deals and specials are!
  • You do not have to go to the bank to withdraw money
  • Play Bingo Online from your PC, Mobile, or Tablet


The benefits to playing online bingo are clearly becoming evident in light of the fact that the normal bingo halls are moving or have moved already in the direction of electronic bingo. Its just a matter of time before the caller is gone, all paper cards disappear, and bingo becomes fully automated at your local hall anyway.

So why not just keep playing or switch over to playing from your computer at home in the Buff! Bloody hell put some clothes on once in while anyway, at least your pj’s. What if someone comes to the door. lol…. ya I know I ignore the door too,,, go away I’m playing Bingo Online dammit.


Bingo Online Games

Bingo Online Games

Best Tip For Learning How to Play Bingo Online

It might be a good idea to learn how to play bingo online at non progressives at first. These generally are harder to win and have lower payout frequency. You win less small prize as the jack pot grows so that one big winner every once in a while hits big and gets rich. By playing regular games as you learn, you will win more. Sure they will be smaller prize amounts, but you will be winning and staying in the game longer.

Also remember to play at the biggest and best online bingo sites, and not small fly by night little casinos.

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Learn How to Play Bingo Online

Learn How to Play Bingo Online