How To Make Money Online From Home #1 Help Guide

how to make money online from home

How to Make Money Online From Home 2020

How To Make Money Online From Home 2020 Ultimate Guide To The Best Tools You Will Need To Start Working At Home. How To Start A Blog or Business Website Today

How to Make Money Online Contents Below:

  • Ways to Get Money Crowd Funding
  • Earn Money Online Blogging
  • Best Ways to Make Money are Through Small Business
  • Unorthodox but still legal ways to earn easy money
  • Ollies Gamblin Blog Thoughts on the Best Ways How to Make Money


Easy Money: NOTE If you get tired of Ollies babble just scroll to the HEADLINES in BOLD Green and get right to the Goodies and Important Information after collecting the easy money bonuses below.


Blogging: Start a Blog or Web Business

Hottest Way to Make Money Online 

Make Money Online Blogging

Start a Wordress Blog Step by Step

with step by step instructions to get you up in 5 minutes. Its easy. Its just cash money if you hit it big and go viral, but that depends on you and the effort you put in and the content you provide. Ollie wrote a easy to follow so easy even a caveman blogger could do it tutorial.

People are doing it. Will you? That depends. Are you tenacious, and push on even when you feel like being lazy? Do you have a topic your passionate about? If so, write about it and make money online.

Its not a get rich quick scheme, but it could be. Some people hit it big in just several months, others it takes several years, and some may make a living, or some just spending cash. It all depends, on time, effort, topic, persistence, and a dash of luck. (Ahh yes that little dash of luck. We seem to need it in all aspects of life)

Just remember luck wont come though, unless you give it a chance to by trying different ways to make money… by spinning  the wheel, playing a poker or bingo or casino game, starting a website, looking  for and starting a new job or new small business earning money online, etc, etc.

Make it so luck has a chance to find you. Just do not go broke doing it. Well maybe not, some people have gone bankrupt numerous times before hitting it, ask Donald he knows.

BUT there are ways to make money online, small or big money and its easy money really because your sitting in front of your computer in your pj’s working on a computer. How hard is that as a way to earn money?

That’s easy work for sure, whether you make pennies, dollars, or thousands. That’s my opinion and others must agree because making money blogging online is starting to pick up steam. Especially in a niche market.


how to make money online


Blogging Tools

The Ways to make money online Blogging Include the right tools and the right Web Hosting and Good WordPress Themes, don’t bother with buggy unsupported free themes and crappy slow service web hosts.

You want good customer service and answers, NOW. Our websites all run on WordPress themes by the same as those used by some of the biggest sites to hit it large on the web. You Need a great theme to make money on the internet with Your Blog

Best WordPress Themes 

Now you don’t have to listen to me, and can waste time searching like I did for weeks, constantly reviewing websites that offered 10 different places all the time with tons of useless information and junk just because they didn’t care which one you pick because they make money in any event.

I scoured key words and read all the spam sites, number one rated sites, sites about sites and more, and finally all the reviews by everyone.

There is a lot of noise out there on the internet with everyone trying to sell you everything and wasting a lot of your time in the process. Socially Viral and Schema are 2 of the hottest for speed, and SEO, and looks right now.

This theme at Poker Shop Biz is on the Schema platform. Best of all when you purchase a theme you become an affiliate right away and already have your first potential revenue source.

Well now, if you clicked one of the two links above and got yourself a theme your all set for easy step 2.

If you haven’t then go get a theme now. You want your theme from these guys to be able to hop on the support forum and get answers quick.

Most places don’t do that or give them to you in a timely manner if at all. These guys do. Eric emails you upon sign up and helps direct you in any way you need it, he answers all questions, and what he cant answer the high tech guys in the forum can.

I am saving you a lot of time and searching and you can trust me that I did the homework on these guys that’s why I am not going to spam you and confuse the issue with 10 choices just so you pick something from somewhere you may get buggy themes and lousy service. This is Not how we roll here.


Second Thing You Need to Make Money Blogging Online is go get good


WordPress suggest Bluehost and Siteground both and used to promote scores of others on a big spammy list full of crap hosting companies to just to make commission, but they caused nothing but nightmares for the website owners according to the majority of reviews I read.


All others you read spammed about or listed on Top 10 web hosting pages are just “Noise” and a waste of your time. See Ollies article On Web Hosting and who and why we chose them for our sites.

Again, I spent countless hours, searching, reviewing and analyzing what everyone had to say but in the end, Siteground is it.

GO THERE or be sorry. Even WordPress is advising them now to clients.

I put Siteground through the ringer, and gave them the gears, believe me, several hours a day for a week asking every question in the book and pushing their buttons, and received nothing but help and excellent service in return, the same as at MyThemeShop.

The only other one I would recommend is WP Engine but they are much more expensive and although a Great option, wait until you grow bigger and need them, if at all. Because once you get big you can just go to grow big at Siteground or then to cloud hosting with Siteground.

Siteground and Bluehost also gives you a free domain when you are first setting up. An added bonus for sure for Joining Up from Our Site.

Start at basic for 5.95 a month

Make money online blogging with a blog and Web Hosting

Web Hosting 5.95 per month and free domain bonus from Pokershop Click Sign up to go to the Easy Step By Step Tutorial Ollie the Blogger Made for YOU to start quick and easy and inexpensively. 


Start promoting as an affiliate for mythemeshop which you are already enrolled in automatically (If you want) and then go sign up for Google Adsense next and post their ads on your site (again if you want).

Go up above and sign up as a poker and casino affiliate, or grab an Amazon account, or any one of many other things that you may want to try that I will go in depth on later at some point in easy money part II perhaps.

However for now your all set to earn money. Maybe it will be easy, maybe it wont, but you can earn money online if you do things right. From pennies to dollars it all depends on you.

To Earn Money Online you Just simply have to put in the time and effort, heck just build a website to start a small business with, every business needs one.

There are over 200 small service businesses you can set up with little capital required. Since this is mainly a service type of economy you will be on your way with a website, and a plan to market it and some elbow grease and sweat equity.

See a quality accountant to get you set up and ready to go and just worry about the website, marketing and doing the work, let the accountant/bookkeeper handle the rest.

More Ways to get Money Online



Crowd Funding For Personal Causes or to Help Others Out >> Find out how to start here

Crowd funding for a cause, Crowd funding for a new business or Crowd funding to help someone or some group in need is an excellent way to find easy cash to get going at something.

If your cause is worthwhile, or your business proposal just and sound, or even catchy and appealing, then you will attract the money.

Helping people in need that have a compelling story never hurts in an attempt to provide them with some cash relief if done right. Sometimes making easy money requires at minimum— some talent or knowledge in some form or another.

Marketing is the key way to make money through crowd funding. You have to hit the ground hard and fast and contact everyone you have every known and make your case heard. Of course, this works best if you are crowd funding for others in need of how to make money for special circumstances.

If you need crowd funding for a business by all means do it yourself Earn Money by getting investors to your business.

If you need crowd funding for yourself, approach someone else to start the ball rolling for you. It usually helps you earn money if someone else starts the campaign for you.

Get your crowdfunding mojo on at Facebook. Post on your homepage, create a page or group on your topic and invite people. The Best ways to make money for crowd funding, blogging, or your small business is to Try Some Ads.

Spend 50 on ads and see if you can get some good feedback or signups. You wont know until you try. Can you market? Do you want to start a business? Do you want to help someone or some kind of group in need? Crowd Fund and earn money for yourself or others.

Visit Crowdfunding


how to make money online from home

3d render of dollar bill and boxes how to make money

Start a Small Business Online At Home

This is a combo pack of Working Online and Offline, or just online as an affiliate marketer!

There are countless ways to set up shop and how to make money online through your own business venture, starting out small, and not needing crowd funding or bank funding or financing on any large scale. 500-2000 dollars can get a lot of small service based businesses going.

Get some books on the subject to help guide you into something in the service sector that may work for you. This is one of my quick favorites.

Start a website, make some flyers, start out as sole proprietor or partnership or numbered corporation and go to work in a service based business.

Lots of people have started this way. How many garage operations or home offices eventually grew? A lot of them. Some fail, some earn part time or full time income, and some hit it big. You will do none of the above by doing nothing. Don’t let the fear of failure get you. All the great inventors, and super entrepreneurs didn’t let it, neither should you.

Great resources to read to help you get started earning money:

202 Services you can sell for Big Profits

Start Your Own Business Bible 501 New Ventures you can Start Today and for as little as $500

School for Start Ups

Social Media Marketing All in one for Dummies 9 Books in One

Small Business Tools:


Best Ways How to Make Money Online?

I personally believe you should start an online business or small service based business as the best ways to make money and earn a living other than panhandling. (joke)

Start a Small Business to Earn Money

But if you can write and are passionate about something then start your own blog. If you suck at writing, start a small business. If you cant land that high paying government job or decent service or manufacturing job then small business it is. Elbow grease and a website to promote and market yourself in that small business.

Get going, and get to work now because welfare and unemployment just don’t cut it.

However if welfare is your only option  for your circumstance and that’s all you have because perhaps you are on disability, etc. then thats a different story. Or perhaps you cant write, are lazy, and don’t want to work or start a small business or blog, unmotivated and just don’t care, then you should just go on welfare. But then again, you also would not be reading this if that was the case. Therefore you can do it.

Your Pal Ollie

Read More to get started:



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