13 High Paying Affiliate Programs TOP AFFILIATE LIST

High Paying Affiliate Programs

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs and Popular Affiliate Marketing Websites 

Number one, popular, proven, High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs and Sign Up Links To Monetize your Website, Blog, Facebook, and other Social Media Pages  Including the Best Poker Casino Bingo Betting Affiliate Programs Online.

Tremendous List of both high paying and of popular affiliate programs like Amazon and Click-bank, find them all below. All the Biggest and most popular Affiliates and advertisers to choose from. Your Ultimate Guide to Selection of the Best Affiliate Marketing and Monetization Methods for your Blog or Website niche.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

High Paying Affiliate Programs for Blogs 

7 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs Gambling Niche 

Scroll Down for All the Best Affiliate Marketing Providers that are not Gambling related in Black with Gambling Affiliates Highlighted in Green colored title font.

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High Paying Affiliate Programs List

 Casino Betting Bingo Slots Lottery Affiliates

Freaky Aces Casino Review

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Bet At Home Casino Live Betting High Paying Affiliate Program

Multiple Languages Multiple Sites, Not for Canada and the US but big in the UK, EU




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Propawin Partners

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Btag Media Casino Affiliates 20 Plus Extraordinary Casinos

[wps_button style=”default” url=”http://partners.btagmedia.com/scripts/3vcn0h4?btagid=25a1b83c&bid=fff428ed” target=”self” background=”#dd0606″ color=”#ffffff” size=”30″ icon=”heart-o” wide=”no” position=”left” radius=”auto” text_shadow=”0px 1px 1px #000″ rel=”nofollow” title=”Default Button” id=”default-button” desc=”Join Now Become a Btag Media Affiliate”]Btag Media Casino Affiliates High Paying [/wps_button]


Poker and Casino Affiliates and Player Information

Join and Become an affiliate a player or both. Blog and Website Monetization is easy when you use the Biggest and Best Online Affiliate Marketing Companies in a Billion Dollar Growing Gaming Industry. There are several high paying affiliate programs to join, and after all who really does not like Poker Slots Sports Betting and Bingo Games? Well most do, and they are out there looking for them so you might as well be the one to help them find them. Learn all about becoming a Poker and Casino Affiliate Here at PokerShopBiz Online Poker Casino Casino Betting Slots Bingo Blog

On a scale of 1-10 people would score a 10 with it being the highest in relation to how much they would secretly like to gamble. Sports Betting, Casino Games, and Poker are tops around the world with the UK also loving their Bingo Games heavily online.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your website or blog right away with little to no effort on your part as the marketing materials are supplied by the vendor. All you have to do is Join Up and link to the products and services offered by the merchant. Quick and easy.

Casino, poker and betting are Billion Dollar Markets just waiting to be tapped into. More and more players are opting in to gambling online from the comforts of their own home and you can help them find access to the best gaming providers through links and banners and other promotional materials placed on your sites and social media pages.

Online marketing through affiliate programs are a natural way to monetize your site and earn a passive revenue stream through your traffic online, or perhaps even earn enough for that Lamborghini you always wanted.


More High Paying Affiliate Programs Non Gambling Related

Affiliate Marketing Websites for Blogs & Business 

Affiliate Marketing Programs. Hi Gary Wicks at Ollies Gamblin Blog with Ollie the Blogger Here (thats me) to Help you find all the information you need on Affiliate Marketing to Help You get going quickly and easily from one page. Yes this Page is the one you have been looking for affiliate information. It has all the sites listed so you do not have to spend days searching the web for them all to see which one is right for you. I hope this helps you on your road to blogging and business success.


Best High Paying Affiliate Programs to Make Money

Some of these are tough to get going in to tell the truth. You really need to be sincere, and focused on products within your niche with these. Lots of traffic is also needed to your page as well to make them work.

ClickBank Affiliates

ClickBank is a very well-known affiliate marketing website program network and deserves a special mention among the best and most secure platform for affiliate marketing. ClickBank is beginners friendly and enjoys quite a reputation even among many seasoned affiliate marketers.

With over 200 million clients in 190 countries, ClickBank is a widely recognized and popular network and supports both physical and digital products like eBooks, software and membership sites etc. The best feature of ClickBank is the security it offers to the affiliate marketers with the commission going as high as up to 75%. There are however some sketchy vendors that may be new or new and spammy so take a look at it and ask yourself “Would I buy this?”


Amazon Associates a top Paying Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates is wildly popular network offering the most diverse range of products for marketers. Amazon Associates is among the top 20 affiliate network sites of the world. With large number of options to choose from, Amazon Associates provide affiliate marketers an option to choose and promote the products or services of their choice.

Amazon Associates follows Pay Per Sale method that means an affiliate is paid a certain percentage of commission of the price of a product, every time a sale takes place through the affiliates link. Amazon Associates offer a wide array of toolbar’s for its affiliate sites to make the advertising and selling process a piece of cake for them. Its one of the most popular and best affiliate programs to make money worldwide.

Make sure you have some traffic before signing up. Amazon will cancel your affiliate relationship if you do not produce any sales within a set amount of time. So new sites could be hard to keep their accounts unless you get awesome traffic some how quick. If you already have decent traffic then promoting good products from Amazon within your niche may be the thing to do.


Commission Junction Affiliate Program 

Commission Junction is a California based affiliate marketing network site, owned by ValueClick Inc. It is one of the oldest affiliate programs and is said to be the largest affiliate website network in North America. Commission Junction has been rated as the best affiliate network in balancing relationship between merchants, networks and affiliates.

Commission Junction offer two modes of affiliate marketing – Pay Per Action and Pay Per Call. The Pay Per Call method offered by Commission Junction, to capture leads, is unique to this network and played a role in increasing its popularity.


Linkshare Affiliate Program Site

Linkshare is the largest affiliate network in the world and the most trusted one. Owned by Rakuten, a Japanese business company based on lead generation business, Linkshare boasts of over 12 million affiliate partnerships in many countries of the world.

Linkshare provides the affiliates with over 3000 affiliate programs to choose from with an option to customize its program. The distinguishing feature of Linkshare from other affiliate networks is an encashment option to encash even small amounts while in other networks, an affiliate has to collect a decent amount to be able to encash it.


Share A Sale Affiliate Marketing Program

Shareasale was started in 2000 in Chicago, USA and has grown in popularity ever since. Today, it is a widely recognized network offering Pay per Sale, Pay per Click and Pay Per Lead programs. The affiliate program categories in Shareasale include marketing, hosting and general online services.

Shareasale affiliate network also includes the most used WordPress and studio press genesis framework network. This network also provides its users with many creative options to promote their products including banner ads and direct links distribution. Shareasale is the perfect targeting network for bloggers mainly because of its support for WordPress and studio press.

Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. shareasale.com.


EBay Affiliate Marketing Site for Making Money 

The Ebay Partner Program is a popular affiliate program for retail marketing. It is one of the biggest competitors of the Amazon Associate Program because of similar eCommerce based affiliate marketing plans. EBay Partner Program contains all the essential tools necessary to launch a successful marketing campaign.

The feature that sets EBay Partner Program apart from its competitors is its tracking system. The tracking system helps affiliates to track all traffic flooding to its campaign and monitor audience’s reaction to the campaign and adjust it accordingly. EBay is known for offering great commission to its affiliates


Neverblue.com Affiliate Website Now Global Wide Media

Global Wide Media is another popular affiliate network offering pay per action programs. Neverblue was owned by Velo Holdings that went bankrupt and is selling Neverblue has sold off Neverblue to pay off its debts. However,  this would not hamper its performance for the marketers and its clients from all over the world. Neverblue.com now Global Wide Media is considered to be the best cost per action (CPA) networks.

The affiliates are paid for every new lead, downloads and sales. Neverblue.com also paid its affiliates for every new referral to the network. Unlike other affiliate programs.The thing that set neverblue.com apart from other affiliate networks is its unique and generous paying system meeting effectively both its users and client’s needs. Maybe the new NeverBlue now known as Global Wide Media is right for you. I personally do not know, as things may have changed there.

On glance of their site they look top notch and very professional. Ollies Gamblin Blog and other groups of companies use Google Adsense but also may have to give Global wide media a go round to see exactly whats up with the program. If anyone does check them out drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know how it works out for you.


Google Adsense Granddaddy of Advertising Income

Adsense is a great way to start off. You can earn a decent amount if and when you get or already have alot of traffic. If your not new to blogging you probably already have adsense and have come looking for higher revenue. Thats the thing with poker and casino ads from above. Instead of earning 5 cents to 2 bucks on an adsense click you can earn hundreds or maybe even the odd time thousands or more from people who click and join.

If you happen to get a whale, someone who gambles 50k a year x 40% thats 20k from one person. Of course this only happens once in a blue moon. However many people play 100 to 200 dollars worth and 40 to 80 dollars commission is alot higher than a couple bucks for a click.

How to Sign up for Google Adsense ads which are probably the biggest and easiest go to way of making money for blogs and websites of all kinds. Most of the sites you visit use Google Adsense to try and keep the lights on in their blogs and websites business’s. Its a good choice for income if you do not yet have any products of your own to sell, or any idea where to start with setting up affiliate accounts. (Except now you do after reading this page)

It is the easiest and quickest way to get going. Just apply and put ads into spots on your blog or website. Most theme templates have different areas where you can quickly ad code, such as the header, and in post content. Don’t forget to ad the 300×600 sky scraper ad to the side bar. Its a good performer. Also keep ads in proportion to your content. Try keeping to around 3 max. Also try to keep them below the fold for good seo. Keep in mind that Adsense is really just spare change and you will not earn much unless you can get your website large amounts of traffic.

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