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Ollie made sure to make the site Mobile friendly for people to enjoy the Blog, the free Games, and Free Slots anywhere at anytime and on any device.

Using Free Roulette Promotions and Bonus’s is the way to get started then Play for Real Money only once practiced and warmed up, ready to go.

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Ollie wishes he had Free Roulette Online to practice on before he hit the casinos and had to learn there.

It is so much easier to play and learn roulette free online with hands on experience then it is to start from scratch as a newbie in a casino with all sorts of people around.


Free Roulette Practice makes perfect

Why I think you should practice online Roulette for free and I think you will agree:

Some people have no patience for people new to the game in live casinos and will give you attitude or make you feel intimidated. Don’t let them bother you. Everyone has to start and learn sometime.

Just ignore the cranks, and negative people at casinos. You’ll see them, sitting there pouting, or swearing and complaining. Free roulette and free blackjack and free slot play is meant to help you feel comfortable and get a feel for the games if your new.

Triple 8 games at home are also good for when your not in the mood to risk real money because your heads not really in the game but you still want to blow off steam and enjoy the sights and sounds of reckless free play gambling online.


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So enjoy some Free Roulette Practice Online 

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Live Roulette Fun Facts: In case you have never played roulette in a casino, be prepared for a busy table game of betting with the likes similar to that of playing the game Twister. You know that game where you have to reach those spots in a hard way.

Yup arms and bodies scrambling all over the roulette table trying to get bets in before the dealer spins the ball and you don’t have time to get your chips on your lucky numbers about to hit.

Everyone pushing around to get their bets on,  especially hard if your at the front or backside of the table. You can ask the dealer to place chips for you. Just push them forward and say dealer, please place on numbers ….

The middle position at the Roulette Table Live is the best to be able to cover the table easily.

You can ask the dealer to place your chips for you if you cant reach and do not have the middle spot at the table. Just push them forward and tell the dealer where you would like them. Make sure and be specific.

Single numbers, splitting, four corners, etc. let the dealer know what you want. However, I hate doing this all the time and like to be able to feel the chips in my hand and move the chips for myself, especially if I want to change my mind etc. For those reasons I like to play in the middle spot or on tables with just 2-3 or 4 people max.

Any more then that it can get too congested, and unfriendly. Especially if you get one or two Huge 350 pound people hopped up on beer and buffet at your table. lol…


The History of Roulette

Everyone has heard of roulette, a common casino-style betting game which translates from French as “little wheel.” This game is very basic; a round of roulette essentially entails choosing a number between zero and thirty-six.

The person in charge of spinning the wheel and keeping track of the different bets, referred to as the croupier, then spins the wheel, at which point no more bets are to be placed. Finally, the player who chose the winning number takes his or her winnings.

This is the most basic and commonly accepted version of the game, which was invented by a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal during the mid-17th century.

This inventor created the game unintentionally; he had the idea while working on creating a perpetual motion machine. While he never succeeded (in fact, no one ever did) in creating what he had originally intended, he did pioneer a new game that would be enjoyed by contenders around the globe for generations to come.


Origins of Roulette: Fun and Interesting Theories

There are many other theories about the origins of roulette. Some say that it was invented by French monks (long before the widely accepted year of 1655) in an effort to bring some whimsy into their lives and break the monotony of their humble existence.

Similar theories say that the game was invented by Tibetan monks, or that it was played by Roman soldiers while at war to bring up the morale of their comrades. No matter which of these is correct, one thing is for certain: the game was intended to be fun, and as many casino-goers would agree, this exciting game of luck certainly is enjoyable to play.

The earliest recorded evidence of the modern form of roulette that is played across the world dates back to the early 18th century in “New France,” or modern-day Canada. The evidence lies in a 1758 regulation which prohibited organized gambling, specifying that dice games, hoca, faro, and roulette are off-limits.

However, a very similar form of the game, titled “Roly Poly,” is recorded some time earlier in a 1730 memoir written by the Countess of Suffolk. Another specific mention of roulette/roly poly is dated from 1824 in a paper displaying the adverse effects of gambling games; how they could turn simple comradery into an evil and sometimes violent practice. After all, when gambling for money, the chance of someone losing his or her temper always exists.

Games of chance have been around for thousands and thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians played Senet (fun fact: good luck with this game was widely interpreted as blessing from the gods), ancient Chinese citizens played less adapt versions of card and tile games, and dice have been used for at least 5,000 years in various forms (the oldest recorded dice games were played with the knuckle bones of sheep).

Most people would agree that modern societies have become reliant on electronics for entertainment, but long before the technological revolution, people had to make their own fun. With that in mind, it is no surprise that even the earliest humans played primitive variations of games that we still enjoy today.


In Conclusion: Reasons why we play online games 

That is why free roulette online or playing online roulette for real money is better at home or on mobile, with no one around, no one coughing on you, smelling of smoke or alcohol, spilling drinks, etc. Its a pretty good way to go sometime.

Just grab a buddy or two, relax and enjoy the game on your big screen TV. Just hook your computer or laptop up to it and away you go.

Don’t forger to call Ollie he loves to play casino games online.

Got it figured out? Go play Roulette for Real and Win Big! Don’t forget to tip the dealer.   🙂


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