Football Betting #5 Best Online Sites & (COOL PARTY TIPS)


How to Throw a Good Football Party 

Football Betting there is always time to grab a slice of the action and sign up to place a bet for your favorite team to win! Scroll down and find the Top 5 Best Betting Sites for your Country and Put Your Money Where you Mouth is! That’s right if your teams all that you say it is, then cash in! Call up all your friends, and invite them to have a football party this weekend. Especially on the big day. Throw a great Superbowl Party for your friends with some great tips from Ollie.


Football Party Tips

  • Call all your friends and send out written invites, Text, emails etc a few weeks a head of time
  • Email and call/text friends back again one or two days ahead of game time as a reminder
  • Set your room up so everyone has a great view of the tv set. A big U shape is best
  • Clean up your kitchen and bathroom before the game
  • Make sure to provide lots of variety of different foods to make everyone happy
  • Special recipes and dishes will make sure no one forgets your party
  • Food is Fun, Its what Families do, eat together, so provide lots of food and make your party feel like family
  • Make sure there is lots of different kinds of drinks available
  • Have telephone numbers handy for taxi cabs
  • Offer places to crash for the night, provide a sleeping area for special guests and best-est friends
  • Offer a designated driver or make sure to call a cab for your friends and family
  • Make sure you place your bets online well before guests arrive so not to miss out on the action
  • Set up your own fantasy football league at the start of the season get everyone to pitch in x amount of dollars and then pay out on Super Bowl Sunday
  • Set up a couple big handy garbage pails in the seating area to keep the room clean
  • Make sure you buy lots of paper plates and cups from the dollar store cheap
  • Set up a nice area just away from the game area to serve food buffet style, preferably not the kitchen to stay out of your significant others way. The dining room or adjacent room or back of the games room out of the way
  • If your short on cash but have the best room and best tv around, ask everyone to donate or bring a dish in a disposable tinfoil pan of some kind for easy clean-up


 Best Football Betting Sites each Week

5 Best Sports Betting Sites for Football

USA NFL Football Betting


Football betting at Bovada for USA Players to Place Sports Bets Online


Best Football Betting Sites in the USA

Football Betting Is Great! Sure it does not have to be your favorite team to win but as long as you think you have a good idea who will win then joining up for Football Betting Online may be your ticket to some extra fun with some skin in the game. Sometimes we go with our favorite team sometimes we don’t.

Secure your bet now with Bodog Canada or Bovada USA, an exciting online sports betting company that accepts US players! The only states that are not allowed are in Washington, Maryland, and New York, everyone else should have no trouble signing up. Sign up now and get a welcome bonus of 50% up to $250!

Terms and Conditions Apply to all offers by sponsoring companies listed on this page. This is a paid editorial and not a consumer review. Please see our Advertiser Disclosure


EU and UK Football (Soccer) Sports Betting


Uk and EU Bet at Home on Football aka Soccer


Betting Football or Soccer as we call it in North America

It’s always a bit more exciting when there is a small friendly wager bet to make the football game that much more exciting to watch.

Grabbing a  football betting ticket online is quick and easy so before I go any further grab your ticket here from  the bwin, Bovada, Bodog, bet at home, or 888 Sports site depending on your country locations and get in the game by placing your bets before the big game or finals!

Terms and conditions apply to all bonus free cash offers. Take advantage of big match deposit bonuses, join today and become a pro football sports punter! Take these sites to the cleaners with your football and soccer knowledge.


bwin Best Site to Place Bets

Football and (Soccer) Betting

Football Soccer Betting at bwin


Football Betting online can also be found at 888 Sports for European players, another top-notch and highly recommended place for your Big Game Sports Bets or any other regular season game betting tickets throughout the year.


Football Betting Online: Best Sites to Join

There are 5 great Online Sports betting sites for you to choose from to grab your tickets from. Choose from Bovada-Bodog, BWIN, bet on line, or 888 Sport, see which one is available in your geographic area. Not sure? Just click on the Banner and if your eligible they will let you sign up, or so sorry not available in your area. Yup its that easy.

Try all 5 Top Football Betting Sites to see which sites accept players from what particular country the USA- Bovada, Canada-Bodog or or Europe-888 Sport. I know that betting online is easy to do in most countries but if your in the USA. then Bovada NFL Football Betting has you covered.


Football (Soccer) Betting Europe & Canada 888


football betting at 888 sports

Terms and conditions apply 18 Plus see site for details



888 sports betting is in Euros or British pounds with a simple conversion of currency may be all that’s necessary to get started and would be the perfect choice for players in Europe for Football Betting or Sports Betting online of any kind.

Any one of these great companies should direct you to the right spot with geo targeting once you click on the banner link it should take you to the appropriate sign up area. If not then that’s why there are a few good choices to pick from, and one of them is bound to accept you unless you are from a state or country that is not accepted. Certain gambling sites online accept players from certain countries only.

Only one way to find out, by clicking on one of the sports betting online ticket links or banners. Hopefully I have helped guide you somewhat on what companies  are available and where, as it can sometimes be confusing. But like I said click it and you will know for sure! But Bodog is Canada and Bovada is USA, the others take players from UK, EU, and Worldwide.

Yes there are also other online betting companies out there in the world, some new, some old, and there are more companies popping up all the time but these are large reputable companies that are around for a good reason. They have good sites and good payout records. Not like small fly by not operators that pop up and go back down again.

Learn all about what Types of Betting is Available Here at PokershopBiz

I do recommend you try Bovada first for USA-North American players Bwin or Bodog in Canada
888 Sport, bet at home, and bwin if you’re in Europe or the UK.  Join as many sites as you can to cash in on bonus’s and offers. You never know where you may get better odds or be able to arbitrage bet.


NFL and NCAAF Football Betting in Canada


Football Betting Canada NFL and NCAAF

Terms and conditions apply see site for details


Best Football Betting Opportunities at Safe and Secure Sites

I feel these are your best bets for safe football betting and online gambling and know they are professional and have been around awhile. They also have beautiful well-organized sites to play at.

I don’t feel comfortable mentioning other new companies in this article as you only have so many hard earned dollars to contribute to online sports betting each week so its best to stick with the top 5 leading companies for now. I will do an article on the new sites popping up at a different time. There are however several more really good sites. You can start punting at them later once you clean out these sites with your sports betting savvy.

If they let you sign up then you can be assured that online gambling is allowed in your area. Of course it never hurts to do a google check to put your mind at ease if you feel a little nervous about online sports betting, and I encourage you to check out the laws in your state, province, territory, and country if you have any doubts. But generally taking wagers from offshore sites and placing bets online and not over the telephone is what makes the transactions legal online.

These are huge companies with giant legal teams fighting for the rights to bring online sports betting, casino games, and poker online for you in your country. Of course we all know the USA still faces regulatory challenges and restrictions for people who want to play poker online but that is hopefully going to change in the future.

Now that you got your football bets in you are going to want all the exciting information and expert coverage, commentary, analyst predictions, and more, that you can get. So then check here now for the holy grail of all you need to know football information 

Want some boring facts and information to read and help you nap before the upcoming football game? All you need to know and do is read this right here SuperBowl in plain simple text without the beautiful graphics and entertaining hyperbole of the awesome site. For those plain types who enjoy the reading without all the colors and distractions of fancy marketing.


Football Betting USA CAN UK EU

Football Betting and Party Wrap Up

Good luck, have fun and relax and enjoy the game. If you do make a bet online or with your friends, just make sure to NOT spend the rent, mortgage, or grocery money on the football betting tickets! Otherwise your wiser and maybe better half will swat you upside the head for it…. unless you win and take them out for dinner of course.

P.S. is  giving Canadians up to 50 dollars bonus right now depending on your deposit amount and it being your first deposit by clicking their banner above Hurry It Will End Soon!

Bovada is giving a 50% Welcome bonus up to 250 dollars, and 888 Sport in Europe 3x the winning on your first bet.

All of these come just at the right time and your country may have a bonus as well! Go check and see above what the current specials on offer are. Only a couple of days till game time. WOO hoo! You gotta love football parties! I gotta go place my football bets now. If your not ready to bet yet go check out our Sports betting category.



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