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Web Hosting How to Make a Wordpress Blog Website


Start Your BlueHost WordPress Tutorial with Our Easy Free Step by Step Guide 

Read our Bluehost WordPress Easy Web Hosting Tutorial and Learn How To Make a WordPress Blog Website and Start your Blog Quickly and Easily Today. First off, WordPress is the number one choice for not only bloggers but for building beautiful websites of all kinds. We offer you a step by step easy web hosting Bluehost wordpress tutorial here set up for you by Ollie the blogger. Its designed to get you up and running fast with a WordPress site on BlueHost.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This is an unpaid for affiliate review for Blue Host done by Ollie the Blogger on behalf of Blue Host and to inform you how to set up Blue Host. I was not paid to write this review, however, a commission is payable to me if you decide to invest in the Blue Host web hosting service through any links on this page. I look forward to your support of my blog and hope you enjoy the quality products recommended. If you have any additional questions please see the affiliate disclaimer here and if you encounter any problems with Bluehost please email me direct @ [email protected] and let me know about them. Thank-you.


BlueHost is Easy to Set Up in WordPress

The Flexibility of the WordPress Platform is unmatched and easy to use and set up. You too can be up and running in just 5-10 minutes with our Blue Host WordPress Tutorial for Web Hosting Services. WordPress is the number one platform and Bluehost has you covered.

Blue Host WordPress Web Hosting Services – Decisions Decisions….Hmmmm there are hundreds of companies out there offering hosting services but only One is recommended by WordPress officially and that is BlueHost.

How to Start a Blog…Your Blog!  Start off quickly with our BlueHost WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial. Lets begin the WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial now.


BlueHost WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial Cost

Step by step How to Get Started Instructions on Building your WordPress website begins with the following

Click get started and follow along in two open windows. One here, and one at blue host.

To start with Blue Host you will need to have your credit card ready.

Now Get Started

Bluehost WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial


Joining up and Learning How to Start a BlueHost WordPress Blog and getting up and running is so easy even a cave man with an old Mackintosh Computer could do it!

To Make it Special Just For You and Your New Blogging Career or Hobby By Joining Up to BlueHost Web Hosting Service Here Today You will not only get a Free Domain Name for a Year but also Shared Hosting for only a mere 3.95 Per month for 36 months.

Try starting out a business, website, or blogging career for less than that, its impossible! Now Get your wheels turning and think of a domain name while you get your credit card handy from your wallet or purse as this will help you save time during the web hosting tutorial sign up.


Reasons To Join Bluehost For WordPress Blog & Website Hosting 

  • Easy, Fast, How to Set Up For Your WordPress Blog or Website
  • No hassle Sign Up, See photos and Help Below
  • Get a Free Domain with Your Account!
  • Service, Reliability, Trusted, and Recommended Brand
  • Quick and Easy WordPress Install With One Click!
  • Technical Support Around the Clock Availability
  • Best of All No Contracts and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cancel at any time! No gimmicks, just enjoy blogging life.
  • Recommended by WordPress


Lets Get Started Blogging! Bluehost WordPress Tutorial Start

Go to the BlueHost Web Hosting Home Page To Begin Tutorial

Web Hosting Tutorial Bluehost WordPress

How to Sign Up to Blue Host Web Hosting and start a WordPress Blog Website

  1. Click on the Green Get Started Now Button

Next you will see the boxes below where you can pick your free domain name on the left or transfer your domain and use an existing domain you already own. Your domain is Free with your new account. If you want to transfer a domain or multiple domains, no worries! Blue Host will help you with your transfers. You just need to get your DNS pointed to Bluehost and that is easy to do.

Web hosting tutorial for BlueHost WordPress Websites

Boxes to fill in new domain information at Blue Host 

Type in Your New Domain Name or Transfer Domain Name and then simply click on the Blue Next Button.

You will then see this screen to fill out your account details, quick and painless. I told you this was easy! 🙂

Web Hosting Tutorial for Bluehost WordPress Blogging

Simple Account Info Required For BlueHost Web Hosting Services

Next Up: Package Information for Your New WordPress Blog 

Choose Your package now.

 Web Hosting Tutorial Bluehost WordPress Sites

Web Hosting Package Selection and Payment Information

Choose Your Account Plan

and note that the longer the plan you choose the less expensive it is over time. Remember the 30 day money back guarantee and cancel at any time policy is on your side so if you can afford it and have the room on your card then the 3 year option is the best.

However if just testing the waters, join for a year and then opt in for 3 years or more once you gather some blogging equity into yourself. No harm in that either, just that it is more expensive monthly for a shorter term.

DO Not worry about upgrading services since your with Blue Host they will upgrade you at any time from your shared hosting plan to VPS or dedicated server hosting when your blog or company website takes off in customer or readership hits on your site and becomes popular.

Then tick off any of the Four additional optional services available. Read up on any that may be of interest to your particular circumstances.


My recommendation is the same as Blue Hosts. You should get the recommended privacy protection. This way people cannot find your home address if your a blogger. If your a company website and have a company address then this is of no concern to you.

The site back up option I did not have until I decided 6 months later to get as my volume of blog pages and posts was getting extremely large and I wanted to protect that information. You can do it now or wait and do it later.

Web Hosting Tutorial Tip for your Bluehost WordPress Blog Website:

If you don’t do it now then do what I did and copy and paste all your posts and pages from the Text Tab in WordPress to Microsoft Word and save them that way while your starting out. If you have lots of data on pages already and expect to build a lot of pages and posts quickly then getting the back up now might be a good idea. Yes there are back up plug ins you will find out there but the best idea is to have your host service handle the back up especially once your site grows.

Now that your all done with registration click the Next button to finish up and chose a computer generated strong password and write it down on a sticky note and place near your computer. Use a combination of Upper case lower case and a special character like .?/ etc if choosing your own to make sure its strong enough.

Now back to the web hositng tutorial where you can now log in and access your account and install WordPress!

Installing WordPress For Your Blue Host Blog Website

Bluehost WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial

WordPress Installation C panel for Your Bluehost Blog Site

Log in and go to the C Panel  scroll to the section titled “MOJO Marketplace” and choose the “One-Click Installs” button. You will then be taken to a Scripts and Platforms. As you can see in our page above it has the WordPress icon right under the word Blogs. Click on this icon to install WordPress. The page shown below will then pop up and you press the Green Start Button for a brand new install.

Web Hosting Tutorial

WordPress Install Page for Bluehost in c panel

Now you will get this screen below for choosing where you want to install WordPress.

Bluehost WordPress Tutorial

Check Domain box snapshot when loading new url in Bluehost WordPress Builder

First Step Guide To Get BlueHost WordPress Web Hosting

Now Click the Green Check Domain Button you see above and it will make sure that your domain has been assigned to your account and is pointing at your Bluehost web hosting account. You may get a warning about the potential for overwriting files but if this is a new application then just tick the box and carry on.

This warning feature is just to make sure you are applying the right domain to build a new site with. Its a double check for when people own multiple accounts and make new websites all the time. It just gets you to double check and make sure your not creating a new account with that url if you already have one! This will help you down the road just to be sure you don’t make a mistake when creating your 2nd, 3rd, 4th site etc.

Second Step Guide To Get WordPress Web Hosting

Advanced Options will show where you can set your put in Your site name, admin name password and email address. Make sure and click that little box as shown in the options picture below for automatically creating a new database for this application as your site will need one unless you already have a data base from another site you want to use. For a new install you want to click this and have a new database ready to go.

Third and Final Step How To Set Up Your WordPress Blog

Read the always boring terms and conditions put forth by businesses and then tick the box stating that you have done so and Click the Green Install now button.

Bluehost WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial

Advanced Options table for final WordPress set up in Blue Host Web Hosting Service Click all the boxes and then the Green Install Now Button

Then to Complete the Process you will see the Progress loading bar as shown below which lets you know the status of the installation which you will then be notified of your user name and password, site url, admin url, and you will receive a copy of this minus your password by email. Keep your password in a safe place.

Bluehost WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial

Install Progress Bar

You can now log in and go to your dashboard and enjoy creating with everything that WordPress has to offer. Pages Posts and Appearance of your site.

P.S.>>Don’t forget that by signing up through this tutorial put together for you today on our site by using one of the 2 Bluehost Banners on this page that you can receive a free domain and the shared hosting super offer of $3.95/month for 36 months! 


Join Now Ollies Best Deal on the Web for Bloggers Get Started

Bluehost WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial
Click the Get Started > Green Button in the banner to Join Up and Start the Web Hosting Tutorial

Congratulations, your on your way to a blogging or small business career with an online site at Bluehost!

We hope you enjoyed the BlueHost WordPress Tutorial On Web Hosting How to Start a WordPress Blog Website Share this information with your friends and family to help them as well.

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Copy and Paste the code below into the html of your website in the Text Tab of the wordpress page design area. Choose Text right beside the Visual Tab.

<a href=”” target=”_top”>Bluehost WordPress Tutorial</a>

It shows on your post or page like this:

Bluehost WordPress Tutorial

Enjoy Your New Blog My fellow Bloggers!

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