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Bluehost vs Siteground Review Background

Bluehost vs Siteground Website Hosting From One of the Top 2 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Sites, Why? Because they are Ranked number one and two for the Best Speed, Best Service, Best Price, with the whole managed wordpress hosting package in one containing the best features. and affiliated companies are hosted by the same company listed as number one below and so should you. Both of our Number 1 and 2 Best Sites for Managed WordPress Hosting Services are reviewed for your Blog or Website. Note that these are also recommended by WordPress and other bloggers and website owners across the internet.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review, however an affiliate relationship exists, whereby if you join one of these web hosting platforms through links on this page a commission is paid. This review does not encourage one or the other based on commission amount. In fact Ollie the Blogger (me) uses SiteGround for my sites.

However, WordPress does mention both Siteground and Bluehost as good alternatives for webhosting but you decide for yourself from the review. Please support me and my site through links provided so I can keep the lights on and the pets fed.  It took me just over 2 weeks of reading and research to come to my decision and you now get to save valuable time. Thank-you and enjoy my honest and well researched invaluable review. Ollie.


Bluehost Vs Siteground Review

The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Sites are Bluehost vs SiteGround 

  1. Web Hosting at Siteground or BlueHost Top 2 choose one of the two or try both if you have multiple websites. Ollie the Blogger Ranks SiteGround as the Numer 1 Managed WordPress Hosting Site for your blog.


Get Siteground Hosting Here

Managed WordPress Hosting Siteground

SiteGround  Website Hosting has Superior Customer Serviced Focused on WordPress sites with Easy WordPress Blog site setup in the cpanel with one click softalicious staging and your up and running. Managed Web Hosting Including free https domain with hosting service.

Number One Recommended Site Read more about it in the Featured Article Below. It is NOT owned by AIG and is becoming the most recommended hosting service by leading bloggers and seo consultants online including me and I use Siteground personally.


Get Bluehost Webhosting Here

Managed WordPress Hosting: blue host

BlueHost Website Hosting is Another Great Economical Service especially for those just starting out new to Blogging or needing a small business website. Also recommended by Learn How to Start a WordPress Blog with Bluehost in 5 mins and get a super low rate of 3.95 per month through us here at PokerShopBiz or on our Bluehost Tutorial Page. Ollie the Blogger Ranks Blue host as the contender and 2nd choice for the top 2 managed wordpress website hosting services for WordPress blogs and business sites.


Bluehost is now Owned by Endurance International

Bluehost is now owned by Endurance International Group whos reputation is not so glamorous. EIG has been reportedly buying up small hosts like Blue Host and then issues of quality in service have been on the rise.

Want to compare Web Hosts? If you are skeptical… (Hey I don’t blame you look at all the junk on the web now a days)

See these next 2 below, its just spam, more sites to check out that you don’t need like I mentioned other sites will give you. All they do is waste time and cause confusion. Which is what I found on many different web hosting sites referring host companies. They just don’t care which one you click on and sign up too because they get paid. I will too if you pick one of these 2 below, but I do not advise it.


Pokershopbiz and Ollies blogs are Hosted with Siteground

Our group of companies is with Siteground above. But if you want to compare, don’t believe in our sincerity or want to feel good that you have looked other stuff over then check these out too. Then come back and Join Siteground or BlueHost managed by bloggers for bloggers.

I recommend Site Ground Managed WordPress hosting for blogging and small business hands down, that’s where our companies are both hosted at, but Bluehost Managed Hosting is also good for bloggers and therefore recommended by WordPress as well.


Bluehost Tutorial Available

Ollies Step By Step Bluehost WordPress Tutorial set up guide can be used side by side with Bluehost Get Started Program below, if Bluehost is your choice to go with.

bluehost vs siteground pricing per month

Beware of Managed WordPress Hosting Pages in Search Results

Web Hosting Spam From Top 10 Company Posts in Search

> Don’t listen to the spam and hype of the top 10 search result companies giving you the top 10 or top 20 website hosting companies to pick from.

Most managed wordpress hosting site providers are junk. Providing slow, crappy service, with websites often crashing or down for periods of time etc. The sites pitching them just want you to click on their links and get commission no matter which one you choose. They don’t really care which one you pick. Well Ollie at Ollies Gamblin Blog  Pokershopbiz does care. That’s why I am not going to spam you the top 10 or top 20, because really, can they all be just as good as each other? I think not!


Managed WordPress Hosting: (BEST WEB HOSTING FOR BLOGGERS)

Website Hosting Servers Get Your Managed WordPress Hosted Site Up and Running Online Today. Copyright: ‘bluebay’


Watch out for Glowing Reviews on Crappy Hosting Sites

There are Lots of bad reviews floating around out there on a lot of these managed wordpress hosting companies that are just out to make a buck and do not do you “Just” service. Especially when it comes to price, answering questions, and providing fast, quality service with servers on different continents.

As well as having a CDN, cloud hosting and different level packages to choose from that are all “quality” no matter what you choose. That’s why we are only going to look at the Top 2 Best Sites for Managed WordPress Hosting Services. These hosts are truly the best value for blogging and at low cost as well. All the best managed services at the best pricing. These are the only 2 I talk about on my site. I do not spam several companies for commissions only.


We Want to Help You Get Web Hosting Right the FIRST TIME.

DO not waste time searching endlessly for your managed website hosting or wordpress theme. Or if you have, we believe you have come to the right place for good information, but you can be the judge of that yourself. We have laid out a reasonable guide for the top 2 and not a sensationalist top 10 or 20 listing of web hosts.

This is a red alert! Not a test! MUST READ Don’t waste tons of time and money Find out now before its too late why…you do not want to go to the wrong web hosting company.

Ollie the Blogger has Made the Mistakes and Now YOU Can Benefit from them. Or spend 2 weeks surfing the internet full of spam and hype and waste valuable time and money searching, checking sources, rechecking etc. like Ollie did and go crazy doing it. Or Do like others and Pick the Wrong Hosting Service and then have to go through all the work of changing hosts.

Best to Get it Right the First time around and get Siteground Managed WordPress Hosting, The service is great. The Free Cloudfare CDN is great, and the free domain you get along with one click automatic https service for your managed wordpress blogging site is unheard of.


Managed WordPress Web Hosting Tips 

Top 10 Tips How to Get Started With a Website or Blog


  • 1 Web Host Get a good one
  • 2 Theme, again get a good one not a free theme
  • 3 Start Thinking and Planning Your Monetize Strategy
  • 4 Post good quality content and worry about nothing more than that at first
  • 5 Get 20 plus 2000-3000 plus word articles under your belt in well set up pages
  • 6 Organize your blog structure from the beginning to avoid changing links later on
  • 7 Pick good quality long tail key words 3-5 words long
  • 8 Then worry about all those seo advice guru websites out there, that just want your money right now. Its too early to worry about them, yes seo is very important but content and getting links to your content is KING.
  • 9 Remember that great content and links and eyeballs to your site is your goal, start getting links to your site, Promote on Social channels..
  • 10 Work on your SEO you can tweek and improve your site as you go and hire a professional SEO once your up and running with some good content or start looking to become proficient in SEO yourself by searching and reading the topic in detail depending on your size and budget

Why do a Post On Siteground vs others?

A lot of people are asking what website hosting companies we recommend to start with here at and Ollie decided to put together a Blog post to help you decide, because that’s what he does, blog and help.

You wont find a confusing array of junk and useless companies listed here just so you pick one and a commission is earned, this Featured Host Company and Theme Provider Reviewed Below are where its at.

Ollie put these guys and others through the mill. He asks all the smartest to the  dumbest questions and everything in between to get the facts, see if things run good, and check the quality and speed of the service department. He pushes peoples buttons. He does not fool around, thus, he benefits, our companies benefit, and then you can benefit from his advice and digging as well.


WordPress used to recommend a whole bunch of lousy hosting companies

WordPress themselves used to Spam and recommend a whole slew of website hosting companies up to and including Blue Host. They do not anymore. “They” at WordPress, only rec Siteground and Bluehost and that’s about it now except for maybe adding another one now and then. Spamming a dozen companies just to make money is not good customer service and just plain greed.

I wish I had the screen shot to show you, because they did, and my job was very difficult picking out a web host at the time several years ago. No one cared about who was good they just spammed top 10 when 8 of the top 10 were crap just to get commission.

Why did WordPress finally stop being greedy? Because so many people were having problems with all the other small or fly by night hosting companies that had any one of a number of problems with them from slow speed, to site failures and down time to outright crappy service.

Its about time they got it right. I did not believe WordPress back when they had 10 different companies to choose from and it took exhaustive research to sort through all the “noise”. I guess our yelling at them as consumers did have an effect.

WordPress listing all these 10 sites in the past caused a lot of good people a loss of good business and bad headaches with garbage hosting companies. Myself a lot of time.


How Does Siteground Vs Bluehost and Others Compare

Here is a copy of the comparison chart below for Recommended website hosting service Siteground our provider at vs.12 other major brands.

The results on this page are based on tests with real accounts on 12 of the most popular web hosts on the affiliate market: Bluehost our number 2 Recommendation, HostGator, iPage, Fatcow, Justhost, AsmallOrange, InMotion, WebhostingHub, Arvixe, GoDaddy, GreenGeeks and A2Hosting.

Speed Security Support


The Phone is picked up immediately

  • 4 companies had over 10 minutes wait time.
  • Only 2 other companies picked up immediately.
  • 90% of the hosts do not have non-US phone line.

When you call on the phone you usually have a pressing issue. Having your call picked up immediately is really important. Unfortunately this does not happened everywhere.


The issue in 5 minutes

  • 2 of the tested companies have no chat support
  • Avg. wait time on chat before pick up: 10 min.
  • Avg resolution: 21 min.
  • Only 4 hosts solved the issue in under 10 minutes

We contacted the LiveChat of the 12 tested companies and SiteGround with one and the same simple request and recorded how much time was need for the issue resolution including the wait time before the chat was picked up.


Our first reply is in 8 minutes

  • Average Industry first reply near 8 hours.
  • Only 2 companies are below 1 hour.
  • No other company is below 10 minutes


Issues resolved faster

  • Only SiteGround and 4 other companies resolved all the three issues.
  • Average industry resolution time: 11 hours.
  • SiteGround average resolution time: 31 minutes.

Each company was prompted 3 questions over their ticketing systems: one general, one WordPress related and one Joomla related. We averaged the first response time and the resolution times for each company base on these three questions

Siteground Is Rated #1

Web Hosting Bluehost vs Sitegroung

Managed WordPress Website Hosting-Web Hosting Crafted With Care Switch your website hosting Today or Start Your New Blogging Site Journey today

Hack Protection

Sites are kept safe

  • WordPress vulnerability: not patched by anyone
  • Joomla vulnerability: not patched by anyone
  • Both vulnerabilities: patched by SiteGround only
SiteGroundAll 12 Others
WP TouchPatchedVulnеrable
Joomla! VirtueMartPatchedVulnеrable

They tested a WordPress and Joomla related vulnerabilities announce publicly more than a 1 month before the test. On all 12 tested hosts both vulnerability were still exploitable with no problem. At SiteGround both were patched on server level at SiteGround in up to 48 hours after their public announcement: WPTouch vulnerability patch and Virtuemart Vulnerability patch.

Account Isolation

They guard you from your bad neighbors

  • SiteGround was the first to apply isolation
  • 3 of the tested hosts still not isolated
  • 5 of the tested hosts could be better isolated

SiteGround were the pioneers in applying effective account isolation mechanisms to the shared hosting environment. Nowadays, most of the shared hosts apply similar techniques but it is still possible to see an environment that is not properly isolated.

Our site at was attempted to be hacked both from outside sources and through a WordPress plugin internally.  Both were denied. Thanks to SiteGround Hosting Hack Protection. Hackers were probably hired by one of our competitors to keep out our up and coming Gambling Blog from gaining traction in the market. Yup you were denied. Tip: Use as few plug ins as possible and only ones which are regularly updated.

Brand NEW for Siteground as of Feb 2016

Siteground managed WordPress website hosting is a “top choice best site” get Siteground hosting now for your web hosting service and right now they are Showcasing the new FREE drag and drop website builder. Its “Super Easy” Build a site in a day! Anyone can do it even the most technically challenged people out their like Ollie!

Brand New as of Jan 2017


and they still have their own special super cache plugin for added site speed with static caching, and memcached built specifically for their servers to make your site super fast!

PHP  7


Which Siteground Managed Web Hosting Plan Should I Pick?



Step One:  Pick a Plan             Grow Big is Ollies Recommendation for 2 or more sites if just one Start up

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for people with one website that are starting now
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value for money offer, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration

Step Two: Your done. Just kidding, explore the site. read the tutorials, check out the cpanel. Set up your wordpress site. Thats it. Now check out below for a great theme and then get going blogging or starting your business website.


Is SiteGround Managed Web Hosting Good for WordPress?

Yes, and several other platforms as well.

  • Joomla,
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • phpBB3
  • AbanteCart
  • SMF
  • MyBB
  • Open Real Estate and many more


Siteground wins? But What about the Bad Stuff?

Yes this is not a Utopian world and nothing is perfect that’s for dam sure.

The Billing Dept is the only thing I do not like about our hosting service at Siteground. They require you to sign up with a credit card and then that credit card is set up with auto renew. WHICH I HATE. I hate all companies that do auto renewel on your credit card. I want to be able to ax any company at any time that isn’t up to par or starts lacking in service or changing its policies. Auto renew makes it just a bit harder to switch as well as inconvenient so I do not like it.

What did Ollie Do? He set up billing manually, and paid through PayPal. This requires him to renew and pay each year or in this case he renewed for an additional 2 years. It is more of a hassle than paying by credit card, but leaves Ollie the chance to dump and move on at renewal time if Siteground for whatever reason starts to slip in its superior customer service and hosting standards.


People Errors at Siteground

This has lead to problems where he has had to contact service on 3 occasions to get the update to his services, including the domain renewal, hosting length, and site protection. These were supposed to be put in manually and they were, only the chat operators did not do all 3 simultaneously, and he had to contact an additional time for each service renewal.

This issue was one the billing dept should have handled all at once, but failed to do so. It ended up wasting a bunch of My Time having to explain this 3 different times and a fourth and final time through a bad review. All was updated correctly after the bad review ticket.

Besides this, the support in the hosting back end is superior. Why should the crappy service in the billing dept by call center workers affect the more important work of the technicians in the back end? It doesn’t, services renewed for another 2 years.


What do other Bloggers and Seo sites think of Sitegrounds WordPress Hosting?

Opinions are varied with lots of good and bad points, but good points trump the bad ones. Several people including Ollie the blogger recently made reference to Sitegrounds good and bad points in a round up Siteground web hosting article done by Jim Milan Chicago Seo Consultant.


What are the Best Themes for my Blog Website or Store?

All our WordPress themes are from MyThemeshop for good reason. They have the best support we have ever seen. Just like Sitegrounds support is above and beyond, so is Mythemeshop.

They want your business. Very Important to get you going fast on your website when or if you are ever having problems. Good support for your theme cannot be stressed enough. Its worth the small price for a Premium Theme. You can read more about it in the Featured Article Below.


Get a Premium Theme at at Bargain Price from Ollie the Blogger

Managed WordPress Website Hosting Themes

Themes for Your Current or Next Website


Bluehost vs Siteground Website TIP:

Remember the Second Most Important Thing You Need is A Great WordPress Blogging and E-Commerce Theme With Theme Support to along with Strong Web Hosting Service. Regardless of what hosting you choose.

Having a Good Theme and Theme Support is Crucial to Your Business Do not try to skimp and save here. It costs pennies per day. You want a blazing fast theme, with schema mark up.


Hint: We Use Schema Theme

Get a Premium Theme Here for $0 – $27 – $47 – $69 Find all the Best Themes Like Schema, Socially Viral, Video and Many More at the affiliate link above. Yes that was a tip: Check out Schema,  Video, or Newspaper depending on what kind of site your going to run. Or socially viral if you really and truly need to start out frugally.

WordPress Managed Website Hosting Themes

Blogging is the new craze, and just starting to pick up steam and people are doing everything from passing the time with it to making spare spending money with it, to earning a living full time. The two things you need first are a Website Hosting and a Good Theme.

Personally I would pay the 47 and get access to the premium theme help in the Support area, but you cant beat getting Socially Viral for free if you absolutely need to, together it and web hosting at Siteground starts at 3.95 per month and you get a free domain included! That’s very inexpensive to start up. and affiliated websites use the same types of themes as some of the best to have hit it big. Get a paid theme so you can get good support and quick answers to solve your problems. Themes run 69 range but currently in the 27 to 47 range on sale with web hosting at Siteground starting at around  3.95 per month on their entry level hosting package and you get a free domain included!
Suggested themes are Schema (Theme used by The latest and greatest and Fastest WordPress Theme for blogs and E-Commerce and on sale occasionally for 47
Video for video based blogging, Magazine, Misc,  looks, etc. on sale 47

Socially Viral for free or 47 to get online support.

There are over  303,028  Happy Users plus currently and growing rapidly. Eric and the support team will look after you when you buy a Theme, and tons of fine people, too many to list will help you when go set up your website hosting and free domain for less than $5 a month .

Start Thinking about How to Monetize Your Managed WordPress Website Or Blog

Find a great sponsor fit for your web site. Get paid from Affiliates for your great content. To Monetize Your Blog You can also use Google Adsense. A third option is to check Ollies Affiliate page here or this one which is best overall and has a complete listing of great all around Ways to monetize your blog. It features Amazon, Click bank and many other top ways to monetize that are compatible for all niche sites. 

Was this Website Hosting Review Helpful? Ollie asks that you Please Share It and stay tuned to his blog.


BlueHost vs Siteground Which do you Choose?

Siteground Managed WordPress Hosting

Blue host sign up



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