Best Blackjack Sites: (#1 Top Tips For Beginners)

best blackjack sites

The Best Blackjack Sites, and Learn How to Play BlackJack for Beginners and skilled players here Online for Free or Real Money. Learn the Game, Rules, tips and Strategy Below. No Deposit Free Downloads available for BlackJack Sites below AU<>US<>CAN

Free Practice Here at Best Blackjack Web Sites Online

Free Blackjack Games? Yes! Play Free Blackjack Games Online and learn the game risk free by practicing your play at the here now Free online blackjack. Scroll down its there! Sign up, and practice for free until your ready to play for real money, then once you know what you are doing and have learned the game of blackjack and are comfortable playing.

Deposit after you practice and get to know the Best blackjack web sites first

You can then choose to make a deposit and collect a sign up bonus and select to play blackjack for real money once you are ready. Until then, have fun, and learn how to play blackjack for beginners at the Best Blackjack Sites online offered here.

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Best Free Blackjack No Download Site USA Free Play

Beginners or Pros alike can play free blackjack here USA Only, sorry….unless your from the US lol…..
best blackjack site USA


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All fun and no work makes one (not) a dull boy, a better human being, and funner to be around. So take a break and play some free online blackjack now, grab some snacks, and get to playing and having fun.

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Best Free Blackjack Canada

Download in Canada for Free Play or Real Money Blackjack


best blackjack site in Canada


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Best BlackJack Sites Online For Australia Canada Scandinavia:

AU CA and SCAND Players Blackjack

 Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden

Best Blackjack Sites for Beginners

Best Australia Free BlackJack Casino Downloads No Deposit


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Best Blackjack Site for CA, MX, LATAM

Canada Mexico South America Free Blackjack No Deposit

 Join Now for Blackjack at Bodog Online Casino 

free blackjack and real money blackjack best sites

Free Blackjack or Play Real Money Online Blackjack for Beginners Here 



(Mobile Friendly): Only caters to Canada, excluding Quebec and these  LATAM countries – Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia


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Best Blackjack Sites USA

BlackJack at Bovada USA Casino (Mobile Friendly): Only caters to Mexico and the USA with the following state restrictions: New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware.

Bovada Blackjack Best Site USA


5 Best Online Casino USA Sites for Blackjack


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Best Blackjack Site UK EU Free Blackjack Download Casino Black JackBest Blackjack Sites: (#1 Top Tips For Beginners) 1


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Best BlackJack Site Canada, UK, EU

Best BlackJack Site Canada, UK, EU


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Blackjack The Movie 

21 Black Jack movie trailer HD


This is a fun, exiting, story about blackjack and number counting in casinos around the USA. Where a team gets put together and goes out in attempt to make a fortune with their card counting system while attempting to not caught. Watch the trailer, rent the movie. Learn about how thrilling the game of Blackjack can really be. Before you know it you can go from beginner learning how to play blackjack to season pro.


Learn BLACKJACK Strategy for Beginners to Professionals

Best BlackJack System

Get the Best BlackJack Book Here: The Number One Card Counting Strategy

best blackjack site USA

Blackjack learn to win Best Black Jack Book 80 Page system winning strategy


One of the most popular and widely played casino card game, Blackjack is, sometimes, also referred to as twenty-one. Unlike the other card games, in Blackjack two players don’t play against each other, but against a bank dealer. Blackjack can be played with more than one deck of 52 cards.

Here, the goal of the game is to beat the dealer.

However, there are two ways of beating the dealer in Blackjack

– First is getting a Blackjack or Natural that is getting 21 points on the player’s first two cards, second is preventing the dealer to blackjack, by having card count more than the dealer and less than 21 or by not exceeding your card count above 21 and let the dealer exceed 21.

Blackjack is played with one or more decks of 52 cards, minus jokers.

Many casinos normally use more than one deck shuffled together, that is called a shoe. The actual number of card decks in a shoe differs in different casinos, but most of them have two to eight decks.


How to play Blackjack for Beginners:

How to play Blackjack for Beginners: NO DEPOSIT

21 Blackjack Tips for Beginners


Before the dealing of cards, each player places a bet in the betting box on the table. The player whose bet is in the front of the betting box is deemed to be the controlling player. The rest of the players are deemed to play behind. The dealer consults the controlling player regarding the playing decisions.


After the players have placed their bets, the dealer deals one card face up to the players in the clockwise direction from his left and one card to himself. Generally, all cards are dealt face up except one card of the dealer that is dealt face down, also called the hole card.


The players’ objective is to create card counts that is higher than the dealer but do not exceed 21 (busting). Or the players can try to make dealer get more cards until the dealer busts that is the dealer exceeds his card count by 21.

Player’s Turn

After the cards have been dealt, the players can take their actions, starting from dealer’s left in the clockwise direction. Each player has four options

Hit (take another card from the dealer),

Stand (take no more cards, also called sticky or stay),

Double Down (an option to double your original bet. A player receives only one more card from the dealer if he chooses to double down)

Split (if the first two cards of the player are of the same value, the player can choose to split them into two hands). Although, some casinos even providing an additional option to “surrender“, available only as the first decision of the game. When the player surrenders, he loses half of his bet to the house and receives the other half.

Blackjack or Natural

If a player has a 10 card and ace card making the count of two cards 21, that is said to be a Blackjack. If one or more players have a Blackjack, the dealer pays the player(s) one and half times their amount of bet. If the dealer has a blackjack, he collects the bets of all players. However, in case of tie that is both the dealer and one of the players have a blackjack, the player’s bet is a stand off.

Dealer’s Turn

After every player is served, the dealer’s face down card is turned. If the dealer’s total is 17 or more, he must stand. On the other hand, if his total is 16 or under he must continue to take cards until the total is 17 or more.


If the face up card of the dealer is an ace card, the player is given the option of taking “insurance” before the dealer checks his hole card. In Insurance each player has a chance to bet on whether the dealer has a blackjack or not.

The insurance bet is paid in the ration of 2:1, and is used to cancel any likely loses on the original bet.TIP:> However, blackjack strategists do not recommend taking up insurance, because in the long run, insurance wagers are expected to lose money. This is due to the probability of not getting a blackjack by the dealer is more than one third.


Learning Beginner Blackjack Strategy: Tips

Blackjack strategies are always dependent on the dealer’s face up card. A player should play each hand, taking into account the dealer’s face up card.  TIP:>if the dealer’s face up card is a 7,8,9 or 10, the player should continue to hit until a total of 17 or more is reached.

TIP:> On the other hand if the dealer’s face up card is 4,5 or 6; the player should stop drawing as soon as he reaches 12. The strategy here is not to take additional cards if there is a chance of going bust (exceeding 21).

Bet safe and smart, and make sure you know the rules before getting into any game! Including Blackjack. You need to know the rules plus basic strategy to beat any game, so now go get your game on!

Are you still reading? Good! But dam it go play some already now and have fun and give your eyeballs a rest. 🙂

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Black Jack Stands the Test Of Time as Favorite Card Game

Card games have been around for hundreds of years in various forms. Poker, speed, BS, Fish, Crazy Eights, Rummy and many more come to mind when we think about the vast number of different games that can be played using a simple deck of cards.

Even before the printing press was invented, primitive versions of playing cards were used, traded, and enjoyed by generations and by many different cultures. That being said, a fun and quite simple game has maintained its popularity with card players, young and old, and that game is blackjack.

No matter how much experience (or lack thereof) one has, blackjack is always a crowd favorite because of its simple rules and exciting mystery.

This game is equal parts skill and luck, allowing anyone at the table to compete. Its one of the best games to play in the casino where the house edge against you is minimal. Learn to Play the Game.


Blackjack Table Design

Blackjack is played on specially designed blackjack table at which up to 8 players can play simultaneously against one dealer. The dealer is responsible for handling all the aspects of the game, including shuffling and dealing to handling bets. Every casino employs a permanent dealer to deal Blackjack.



The origin of Blackjack is unknown. However, the earliest known reference to this game are found in Spain and France. Blackjack seems to have originated from a Spanish game called “Trente Un) that is thirty one in Spanish.

References of another famous game Ventiuna (Spanish for twenty one) is also found. Eventually, modern day Blackjack, we know of today evolved and gained popularity across Europe.

The important factor behind its popularity is also a result of less dependence on luck, unlike other card games.

Eventually, Blackjack made its way to America and now it is one of the most popular casino card games in America.


Is BlackJack Legal Online?

It is not uncommon for people playing any card game, including blackjack, to place a wager on the game.

While gambling is illegal in many forms across the United States (bar Nevada and Louisiana), this mostly pertains only to casino-style gambling.

Most games of blackjack are played among friends for small bets or online, so these laws generally don’t apply.

Gambling is a fun and invigorating activity, as long as you don’t go overboard with your stake, so blackjack is a common game for small get together’s and even large gatherings.

What to do next?


Wrapping up How to Play BlackJack Tips for Beginners

What does Ollie the Blogger Think about Blackjack? I love this game, its one of the best you can play to actually go home a winner from a casino and online play. It has the best casino odds in favor of the player. You can usually go for a long time even when luck is against you. However once you know what you are doing, you can often times come home from your local or online casino a winner.

Playing Free BlackJack is what Ollie the blogger at the wants you to enjoy, using it to get good at before you risk real money in online casinos or at your local bricks and mortar casino. Its ok to be new at the game, everyone is at some point in time when they first decide to play.

Take the free blackjack sites online listed above for a spin and see how you like it first, with no one to critique or bother you while you play like in a land based casino.

Practice and read the article over a couple of times. Especially the basic rules. Once you know the basics, get serious with real strategy systems for blackjack. Learn your way, at your own pace without losing any cash. Play free blackjack online with no download required.

Once Practiced and Ready Use the Free Downloads and collect the free cash bonuses and specials available through PokerShopBiz and Ollies Gamblin Blog and then play with them.


Casino Sites for Blackjack

If your already a card counting BlackJack Pro Go to our complete list of Casino Downloads and soak in all the Great Bonuses and Freebies on Offer from   Find the complete list of Casino Downloads. for  CAN, USA,  AU, Scandinavia, and Around the World on the homepage at the top.

Now go and Practice or  Play for Real and Become the Next Black Jack Pro Online and at your local Casino. Free Online Practice helps you learn the game of Blackjack at your own pace and without losing any money until your ready and have greater chances to win. Consider thanking us for Free Blackjack tips, sites, and bonuses by just hitting the Share buttons on the left for How to play Blackjack for Beginners and Thanks so much.


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